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  1. Stimpy870

    Stimpy's Wanted List AFL Select Honours 2014/2015

    Willing to buy or trade for the following cards, My Sale/trade list at the bottom AFL SELECT HONOURS 2015 CLUB HONOUR ROLL CHR14 Sydney Swans CERTIFIED SIGNATURES SCS21 Dan Hannebery SCS22 Luke Parker ALL AUSTRALIAN AA8 Josh Kennedy AFL SELECT HONOURS 2014 THE MASTERS MBM2 Bob Skilton...
  2. Stimpy870

    Honours box NSW where to buy?

    Thanks that's awesome news I live at narellan
  3. Stimpy870

    Honours box NSW where to buy?

    Tough life up in NSW can't seem to find any stores that stock AFL select cards anybody know any stores?
  4. Stimpy870

    2014 Select Swans

    I am after GC's - 185,186,187,188,189,191,193,195 FC's - 49,50,51 FM - 26,27 BF16 MG 73,74,75,76,77 pm with offers or trades
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