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    Disney tiles

    Hi all, I am chasing the Jasmine, Jack Jack and Lightning Mcqueen tiles for my nephews. I have tons of Marvel and some sport cards for trade. Cheers.
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    Any interest in old Seria A cards?

    I have a folder somewhere of old Italian soccer cards from the early 90s, would there be any interest in this?
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    PS4 - NBA 2k19 and WWE 2k19

    Both games brand new, shipped for $80. Ben Simmons Jersey (Large, Nike, New with tags etc) also available if interested.
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    "inserts" in my PSC collection

    A while ago (almost 2 years)!I set out to get a PSC collection of marvel cards. I wanted it to be a traditional set in a way - a base set of individual characters + some chase sets. It has taken me far too long to upload these, but this is the chase/insert lots. it consists of a 6 card "marvel...
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    Completed Angela & Andy28

    Angela gets : Glo Caps Andy28 gets : Cash
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    Now That's what you call a Marvel collection

    Not my collection unfortunately, but here is the best collection of Marvel cards I have seen from the glory days of our hobby. It belongs to an Aussie too...
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    For Sale Glo caps, Pogs and Tazos (scan heavy)

    Looking to move these on in bigger lots if possible
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    Wanted: Marvel Graphic Novel Collection

    Looking to buy issues from this series. I believe it was first available at newsagents and then it was by mail order? Anyway let me know if you have any available. Edit: Actually doesn't have to be that specific series, but after some books that contain a whole story arc (usually 4-8 books i...
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    eBay Melike Acar Marvel Bronze Age sketch card - Thor

    Hi All, I have put my one and only Acar sketch on the bay. If anybody on here wants it at the start price and there are no other bids yet, let me know. I can take it off ebay and include free registered shipping...
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    Completed billybones78 & Andy28

    Billybones78 gets Marvel Sketch & Andy28 gets Paypal
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    For Sale removed

    Removed as auctions are not permitted
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    For Sale Removed

    Removed as auctions are not permitted
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    For Sale Lots of older Marvel Base Sets (some new, most 90's)

    Fleer X-men – 1996 $20 Incredible Hulk – 1991 $22 Jim Lee trading cards set – 1990 $33 Jim Lee II trading card set – 1991 $20 Kree Skrull Wars (main set / story line 90 cards) $9 Marvel Bronze Age - 2012 $7 Marvel Creators Collection – 1998 (set of 72, ie no checklist) $20 Marvel Greatest...
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    For Sale 4 card Marvel Sketch Lot + Bonus

    These four sketches for $180, plus as a bonus, take both PSCs or 1 gold parallel from Marvel Greatest Battles (#29 or #48)
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    MGB - 2 boxes

    Meh ok i suppose. I like the modok, not a huge spider-woman fan though.
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    Wireless rear reversing Camera & 1000w power inverter

    I have both of these items unused. IF anyone is interested drop me a line for more info.
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    Marvel Greatest Battles

    IS anyone planning on buying this? I only really want to get 1 box, but shipping on 1 box from most of the major sellers, plus the fact its pricier than previous releases, would make this a killer expensive single box. If anyone here is selling boxes let me know. I may end up just buying a...
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    For Sale R&B, Rap, Jazz, Rock, Pop, House CDs

    Selling off my collection to put towards the travel fund (or maybe cards i suppose)! $5 each, shipping will be actual rate, depending on how you want it shipped. Aaliyah – Aaliyah Alicia Keys – As I Am Alicia Keys – Songs in A minor Alicia Keys – Unplugged Artful Dodger – Its All about the...
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    Anyon remember the Trading Card Showbag?

    As a kid i always wanted to pickup the trading card showbag at the Sydney Easter Show. I cant really remember what was in it though, but from memory mostly junk, something akin to the Worlds Greatest Card Chase packs. Anyone have a better memory of what was in these and if any decent inserts...
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    For Sale Lakers NBA Dynasty & History of Soccer boxsets

    Both box sets are open/used but play perfectly. First is LA Lakers - the complete History (up to early Kobe days). Detailed Info here Second is a 7 DVD boxset, the History of Soccer...
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    Marvel Bronze Age - Acar Thor Sketch

    As i mentioned elsewhere, this was bit of an impulse purchase. I do like it, but will entertain offers for a trade if anyone is interested. Characters i am looking for include (but not limited to) Hulk, Emma Frost, Black Cat, Venom (and various other spidey villains) Gambit, Fantastic Four...
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    Completed Sale Tangent and Andy28

    Tangent will receive $xxx Andy28 will receive Bronze Age box and Case Toppers
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    1996 Deluxe Gold USA

    Anyone collect these from Upper Deck? I scored a Retail box, so have about 12 packs of the usual hits and misses. Of Note i managed one of the gold die cut career highlights (pippen), the redemption card (not redeemable obviously), and and a hardaway Follow your Dreams. Ideally looking to trade...
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    Anyone busting Marvel Premier?

    Too rich for my blood, but there sure have been some nice pulls! Anyone here dipping there toe in?
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    WTB - "low end" Marvel Sketches

    looking for some of the cheaper colour sketches from any Marvel release. $10-$15 type deals. Cheers.
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