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  1. KnicksFan

    For Sale Various high end elite and traders

    Could be keen on Vatuvei and Harris league sensations...LMK price thanks
  2. KnicksFan

    Completed KnicksFan & Pimerus

    Pimerus gets Harden PMG KnicksFan gets paypal $ KnicksFan agrees
  3. KnicksFan

    In Progress KnicksFan & WaltChamberlain

    WaltChamberlain gets Siakam Cornerstones RC Auto /99 KnicksFan gets paypal $ KnicksFan agrees
  4. KnicksFan

    Completed KnicksFan &nznrl

    KnicksFan gets 19 x signed cards nznrl gets $$$ agreed from my end thanks
  5. KnicksFan

    For Sale Collection for sale

    Any Steven Adams mate? cheers
  6. KnicksFan

    For Sale Many IP's from all teams, more added 2/9/17

    All Almost all of them haha Actually looking at all your IPs I'm interested in a heap! The fact your in NZ helps too cos the postage from OZ is killing me. Do you still have a stack of all those IPs you listed way back?
  7. KnicksFan

    For Sale Many IP's from all teams, more added 2/9/17

    Hey mate, Do you still have all those Kiwi cards posted above? cheers Sam
  8. KnicksFan

    Completed KnicksFan & Leopold09

    KnicksFan gets 13x IP cards Leopold gets paypal KnicksFan agrees
  9. KnicksFan

    For Sale Rugby League Cards IP Clearance $3 each (Ends Sunday)

    Hey mate, I'm keen on: Nigel Vagana John Timu Richard Bernett Craig Innes Sean Hoppe Don't think I missed any Kiwis there did I? cheers Sam
  10. KnicksFan

    Card clearance ips

    Hey mate, I know this thread was a long time ago! Still got any for sale??? If so I'm looking for these: KIWIS Nelson Asofa-Solomona Isaac Liu Te Maire Martin Joseph Tapine David Fusitu'a Solomone Kata Kenny Bromwich Kodi Nikorima Sio Siua Taukeiaaho Tuimoala Lolohea Bodene Thompson...
  11. KnicksFan

    Looking for Mark Graham & a few other Kiwi IPs

    Hi there, looking for the following players IP if anyone has any for sale please: Mark Graham Hugh McGahan Dean Bell Darrell Williams Brent Todd Kevin Iro Tony Iro Tawera Nikau Quentin Pongia Richie Blackmore Daryl Halligan Gene Ngamu Jason Lowrie Terry Hermansson Tyran Smith Syd Eru Logan Swann...
  12. KnicksFan

    Completed KnicksFan & razor77

    KnicksFan gets paypal $ razor77 gets McQueen card KnicksFan agrees
  13. KnicksFan

    Completed KnicksFan & Angry

    KnicksFan gets IP NRL cards Angry gets Paypal $ KnicksFan agrees
  14. KnicksFan

    SOLD/TRADED Chris McQueen league sensation

    Freshly pulled from a pack yesterday, #071/130 Will trade for any league sensation of a Kiwi rep or $20 paypal delivered cheers
  15. KnicksFan

    LF All Cards of Shaq, Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin, Zhou Qi, Yuta Watanabe and more...

    I got these low end ones, you can have them for the price of shipping if you need them ($6 I think from NZ)
  16. KnicksFan

    Completed KnicksFan & Wookiedragon

    Cards arrived today
  17. KnicksFan

    For Sale/For Trade Clearing out nrl cards part 1

    Hey mate, I'm keen on all these ones: Alex Glenn Jordan Kahu Isaih Soliola Joseph Tapine Rueben Wiki Sam Kasiano Dene Halatau Sosaia Feki Frank Pritchard Keiron Foran x 2 Lewis Brown Adam Fanua-Blake Jesse Bromwich Jason Taumalolo x 3 Krisnan Inu Manu Mau Brad Taikarangi James Fisher-Harris...
  18. KnicksFan

    Completed KnicksFan & Nicolas

    Money recieved, thanks
  19. KnicksFan

    Completed KnicksFan & Nicolas

    Nicolas recieves Armstrong & Brown Jr autos KnicksFan gets paypal $ KnicksFan agrees
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