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  1. Robert Silverman

    For Sale/For Trade mix bag/price dropped

    Hi all, All these are all up for grabs for sale or trade. Open for negotiation on prices. Thanks MCW $8 CHris $5 🥓 $5 Mason $5 Chandler $5 Markkanen $15 Curry $12 Minted /15 $30 LaVine 1/50 SOLD Anthony 3/15 $50 Lebron $25 Turner $55
  2. Robert Silverman

    For Sale Quick sale

    Hi all, Wanna more these ASAP, open to offers. PayPal please, and PM preferred. Thanks Thompson TRADED Ingram Minted SOLD
  3. Robert Silverman

    For Sale/For Trade Leftovers

    Open to offers and even consider cash/trade deal. Always looking for AI, LeBron, Westbrook, Kobe, Turner, Shaq, Kuzma, Mitchell. Any questions PM me. Add $3 postage $7 registered. Thanks for looking. 2017-18 CK Box Topper 2016-17 CK Box Topper 2016-17 CK Box Topper Lebron SOLD 2015-16 CK...
  4. Robert Silverman

    For Sale/For Trade Golden auto’s- open to offers

    Hi all, Looking to moves these two beauties. Been in the PC for a while and wanna mix it up. Prefer to trade but willing to sell for the right price. Looking for any nice LBJ, AI, Westbrook, Shaq, Jordan, Kobe, Simmons, Kuzma and Giannis cards. Show me what ya got. Thanks for looking 38/99 $280...
  5. Robert Silverman

    For Sale Inserts & extra’s

    Hi all, Open to offers. Pm preferred. Thanks for looking. Ibaka 07/25 Tatum 18/299 Mitchell SOLD Adebayo 21/249 Mitchell SOLD Jackson 17/65 Patton 58/99 Victor Oladipo 39/99
  6. Robert Silverman

    SOLD/TRADED "Fresh Tatum Auto"

    Hi guys, Open to offers, let's see e'm. Awesome looking card in hand. PM preferred
  7. Robert Silverman

    SOLD/TRADED In no particular order/ pending payment

    Hi Ozcardtraders, Looking to move these cards. Happy to sell or trade. Let me know what u want, PM me & happy to negotiate. PayPal preferred. Thanks for looking
  8. Robert Silverman

    For Sale 24 hour Dallas lot Sale/ price drop

    Hi people, Want this Dallas studio lot gone within 24 hours. Looking for $65 delivered, PayPal or bank deposit. Any questions PM preferred. Thanks for looking
  9. Robert Silverman

    For Sale/For Trade Open to offers

    Hi fellow Ozcard trader, Wanna move these cards ASAP for trade or sale. Open to offers and happy to negotiate for one or multiple cards. Add $3 for postage and $7 registered. PM preferred as well as PayPal as payment. Thanks!!
  10. Robert Silverman

    For Sale/For Trade Drips and drabs

    Hi people, Have some left over stuff I wanna get rid of. Let me know if ur interested. Open to negotiate as I dont have any prices in mind. Cheers.
  11. Robert Silverman

    SOLD- Greek freak & Wiggins- Price dropped Both for $140 delivered

    Hi all, Up for sale are these two beauties. Wanting to sell them ASAP. I'll move the 2 for $140 delivered and include one touches. Any questions don't hesitate to PM me. PayPal or bank deposit is fine. Thanks for looking!!! 5/25 3/50
  12. Robert Silverman

    SOLD/TRADED $140 for the lot delivered/ price dropped

    Hi all, Need these cards gone ASAP. $140 delivered for the lot. Every card. Let me know. Cheers 21/25 SOLD 1/10 10/10 SOLD
  13. Robert Silverman

    Playoff sale/ trade

    Hi people, All cards are for sale or trade. Always looking for Lebron, Westbrook, Sprewell, Iverson, Myles Turner, Shaq & Kobe. Add $3 for regular postage & $7 for registered. PM works best for me. Thanks for looking!! Kobe SOLD Open to offers All other cards are open to offers. Don't have...
  14. Robert Silverman

    Long Weekend Sale

    Hi all, All cards are for sale or trade. Very motivated to move these ASAP. Happy to take offers at this point in time. Always looking for AI, Westbrook, LaVine, Lebron & Sprewell cards. Add $3 for standard postage.
  15. Robert Silverman

    Bits and pieces

    Hi all, These are the the result of a few box's. What's ones mans trash might be another mans treasure. PM for offers as I really have not thought of prices as yet. Add $3 for postage. Thanks for looking. Might have a few more others to come.
  16. Robert Silverman

    New Year Sale/ prices added & discounted

    Hi all, wanna get rid of the remainder of the cards. No reasonable offer refused. PayPal or bank deposit please. Please add Postage $3, registered ($5) for items. Happy new year. Cheers!! Dunn/Baldwin duel auto $60 Wiggins $30 MKG auto $5 Jones gold auto $30 Dekker SOLD Davis $5 Noah $5...
  17. Robert Silverman

    Fire sale

    FIRE SALE Need all these gone ASAP. No reasonable offer refused. PayPal or Bank deposits please. Pm preferred. Cheers PG auto & Griffin, Kelly Oubre Jr. auto SOLD Taj Gibson Sold, Reggie RPA sold, AD sold PG & Griffin sold Oubre Jr SOLD
  18. Robert Silverman

    Pre-Season offers

    Where the buyers at???? Need these gone. Open to offers. PM please Hassam Whiteside auto Sold Jimmy Butler Sold
  19. Robert Silverman

    Sunday sale/trade

    For trade or sale. Always looking for Allen Iverson, Russell Westbrook, Latrell Sprewell, LBJ, Zach LaVine, Marcus Smart cards. For sale cards can only do bank deposit. PM me if intreseted.
  20. Robert Silverman

    Cold Saturday Game Day Sale

    Happy for sale or trade. Please PM me with offers. Banks deposit only. Always looking for Lavine, Lebron, Curry, Westbrook, Smart, Sprewell & Iverson cards. Offers welcome!! Cole, jimmy CK & Stanley sold Giannis & rose sold Grant & Okafor sold
  21. Robert Silverman

    Old school vs new school

    Hi guys, Reasonable offers welcome, bank deposit please. PM preferred. Have fun looking and Happy holidays!!
  22. Robert Silverman

    2015-16 Prizm Russell Westbrook fireworks 1 of 1

    Just pulled this beauty from a cherry break on the weekend. I've listed it on eBay. Please have a look. Happy bidding!! Regards Rob
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