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  1. Mick2612

    For Sale Parra authentic auto, 4&2 and Souths predictor

    Open to offers hoping to sell ASAP
  2. Mick2612

    For Sale Doncic prizm refractor, bagley /5 plus more

    Sexton 18/25 Allen 49/199 Wagner 15/149 Kareem Smith 22/49 Mykhaliluk 24/99 Vince carter 5/10 Zinga 2/75 Bagley /5 Doncic prism reflector 9.5
  3. Mick2612

    For Sale NBA flawless, rookies, prism and more

    Open to offers guys Josh Richardson RC auto Jarrell Martin RC auto 36/99 Joe cracked ice 126/149 Wade 42/75 Diop no number Darrun Hilliard RC auto Kenton highlights insert hoops Kat shockwave Frye 5/5 Smits red Smits green 4/8 Hoopla Bibby 55/125 Gasol 17/49 Huerter no number Mitchell RC...
  4. Mick2612

    For Sale/For Trade Aussie lot plus more

    Open to offers add $4 for postage Aldridge 16/25 Divac SR 21/60 Divac GC 7/25 Covington 76/99 Siva 76/99 Barton 83/99 Thomas 19/46 Bairstow acetate 33/41 Longley spectra 62/100 Longley 33/79 Cauley Stein 14/99 Exam RC patch 25/99 Mills noir 19/25 Griffin 39/49 Oakley Bogut 14/75 Mills silo...
  5. Mick2612

    For Sale Black signatures, rubies, signatures

    All cards open to offers
  6. Mick2612

    Completed Manly and mick2612

    Mick2612 and Manly Mick gets PayPal $$ friends and family Manly gets Hunt LS and Ponga YG Agreed @manly
  7. Mick2612

    For Sale Today 21/9 only Tedesco LS $75 dlvd Jarrod Wallace LS $50 dlvd

    Brailey 1/40 $60 dlvd obo Manu YG $60 dlvd obo Ramien YG $60 dlvd obo Ponga YG $110 dlvd obo SOLD Wallace LS $65 dlvd obo Hunt LS $90 dlvd Obo SOLD Tedesco $90 dlvd obo Raiders sapphire $170 obo
  8. Mick2612

    For Sale Downtown, Kuzma and Trey young

    Open to offers Downtown casehit SOLD Aldridge /25 Playmakers casehit SOLD Ennis gold 9/10 sold Kuzma50/199 sold Trae young prospects
  9. Mick2612

    For Sale Victory Lane panini NASCAR lot

    Won a couple of boxes in a break open to offers only as a lot
  10. Mick2612

    For Sale 2018 elite

    ROOSTERS sapphire $180 dlvd Full set of black parallels, master and apprentice and sharpshooters in folder $180 dlvd SOLD All ruby mojo’s $20 dlvd Gillet SOLD Tapau 13/90 $60 dlvd Ponga 41/90 $100 dlvd Box cards $20 each dlvd ALL SOLD
  11. Mick2612

    SOLD/TRADED Random cards low mid to high

    Open to offers $3 dlvd Whitehead glossy Noah 2/149 Kat unbreakable Rose 57/99 Wiggins jersey Payton 27/60 Aldridge 243/299 Cousins 230/299 Juan 91/300 Vucevic 8/25 Jones 51/199 Collins new breed Lyndon 134/200 Mudiay 13/49 White 92/100 Allen 9/100 Fournier 54/75 Ball NT 40/99 Juan...
  12. Mick2612

    SOLD/TRADED Rookie lots Kuzma /5 lonzo, taytum fox plus lots more

    Ball and Kuzma Dennis Smith jnr lot Fox Lot Taytum Lot Wolters /50 Kelly /25 Rozier /25 Marc gasol /25 Snell Rookie Josh hart rookie Rodman rev auto Justin Jackson Tc auto Taytum /299 Faultz Rookie 4 Faultz Rookie auto Wade immaculate 8/10 Stockton 1/5 OG rookie auto Frank...
  13. Mick2612

    For Sale Giannis RC only

    I am moving on some of my double Giannis RC’s I always try to have two of the same card but have been fortunate enough to have some x 3. And those cards are shown below. This doesn’t mean giannis cards will be going cheap as they are skyrocketing at the moment I’m taking offers only at this stage
  14. Mick2612

    Completed Mick2612 and Nicholasbychiu

    mick2612 gets pp friends and family $$ Nicholasbychiu gets kristaps proffered silhouette and spectra patch autos Agree mate?
  15. Mick2612

    SOLD/TRADED Giannis luxe, Kat, Jamal Murray, Joel Embiid plus more

    Tyus 150/199 Felder 246/249 Withey 338/599 Montiejunas Payton 12/200 Onuaku 118/300 Murray auto Kat impeccable base 12/25 Jabari gold 1/10 Murray gold 7/10 Cousins patch 14/25 Murray noir patch 4/99 Saric 24/60 Wiggins vintage MKG 26/49 Randolph 1/10 Cousins 82/99 Hill 1/40 Hernangomez...
  16. Mick2612

    SOLD/TRADED Extremely Rare Kobe, Chris Paul plus more

    Murray camo Mosiac very rare 15/25 Hardaway 18/35 on card auto Maker 4/99 Wiggins on card RC 3/50 Curry on card 67/99 open to offers Curry on card 14-15 noir 21/35 Chris Paul acetate auto 25/25 open to offers 1/10 kobe on card acetate Auto original noir 14-15 open to offers
  17. Mick2612

    Panini Noir

    panini noir for any of these players Andrew Wiggins Giannis Zach Levine Devin Booker Kat Steph curry Jabari Parker Dante exum Spotlight signature New noir Jamal Murray Brandon Ingram
  18. Mick2612

    SOLD/TRADED Amazing array of cards curry, zubac /5 thon plus more

    Open to offers guys Simmons has officially sold Lebron sold Duncan sold Wilkes sold
  19. Mick2612

    For Sale Random elite lot 2016 $110 dlvd

    Graham 14/ Run and gun 50/100
  20. Mick2612

    For Sale Bulldogs 2nd collection set autos, inserts, parallels IP's plus more

    Hi all since starting to collect I have been trying to get two master sets together unfortunately we all know how expensive that can be... so I am wanting to sell my 2nd master set which has some incomplete things but all in all has a huge amount of inserts and cards. I'm open to offers and may...
  21. Mick2612

    SOLD/TRADED Random lots NT Jamal Murray, magic

    Let me know if interested
  22. Mick2612

    For Sale $220 for all cards including Reg delivery Buderus legends, James Graham elite sig and traders lot

    $45 dlvd graham Offers on baderus All cards you see 40 pearls 13 fog $80 dlvd will not spilt up
  23. Mick2612

    For Sale Giannis cards plus random break cards

    Open to offers on all cards we all know Giannis cards are going off at the moment so they will not be going cheap please make some offers and we can negotiate Rookie booklet 42/249 Sparrow 150/325 Walters 1/10 Walters auto 94/199 Bennet 1/10 Mozgov 101/249 Bjelica 8/79 Hardaway 11/15...
  24. Mick2612

    For Sale Giannis and Jabari dual flawless patch 2/8

    Open to offers looking for offers
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