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    Wanted 1996 Decider cricket Acetate FDI Run Machines #18's

    Hello again all - I'm still adding to my never ending Decider Master set ! Was hoping someone might be able to help me by having a look thru their Acetate Run Machine FDI numbered cards ?? I'm looking for the following three all with # 0018 / 3500 - not quite a needle in a haystack but close...
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    Decider Impact Redemption Set # 18 and Waugh Platinum Signature Set of 5 cards

    Hi all I've put a couple of my rare Futera Decider Chase sets on ebay australia - let me know if you are interested. Pics of all cards are on ebay listing. They are as follows - FROM THE FUTERA 1996 DECIDER CRICKET CARD SETS This is a very rare opportunity to acquire the Steve Waugh...
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    Marvel 70 Anniversary mailday

    Had a great mail day yesterday - not often you get 9 sketches you are chasing in the one package ... ! Check out my M70 collection on under curriejak. Always chasing Caps and Scarlet Witches by artists I don't have - and check my last post for M70 Gooney Toons sketches...
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    Marvel 70th Anniversary Gooney Toons / Donellan Sketches

    Got these two beauties in the mail this week. They are by Zane Donellan aka Gooney Toons from the Marvel 70th Anniversary set. They are from a set of six 'face slice' cards he did for the set - hand numbered on the back. I know where another one of the set is - number 5 Iceman. But will...
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    Marvel Retro 2015 Mystique Metal Gem Cards

    Hi all Just thought I'd post a nice set of Mystique cards from the 2015 Fleer Retro set. I've added the character card from the classic 1996 MM as well because it's one of my favourites ! Red Gem # numbered 33 / 100 Blue Gem # numbered 47 / 50 Green Gem # numbered 08 / 10 Enjoy ! JC
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    1996 Futera Decider Steve Waugh Signature set on Ebay

    Hi all I've just put up a complete set of the Steve Waugh Signature cards from the 1996 Futera Decider set on ebay. They are the Certification, Redemption and Signature card for each of the SW1 - to SW5 set numbered as below. SW1 # 46 SW2 # 72 SW3 # 48 SW4 # 67 SW5 # 66 Up for BIN at $150...
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    Cancelled Chrisnz and curriejak

    curriejak gets Blue Foil Warne puzzle piece from Decider cricket set Chrisnz gets some $$$ Payment made Cheers John
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    Cancelled mrkeith and curriejak

    mrkeith to get $$$ curriejak to get Decider Cricket numbered Redemption set. Money transferred mate. :)
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    Marvel Complete Avengers 2006 Cat Staggs Case Cards

    From one of my favourite sets and the set that restarted the sketch card market into what it is today...... Staggs did some beauties for this set - I just received the Spider Woman card this week to go with my other Staggs oversize (5" x 7") 6 case incentive case card. Let me know if anyone...
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    1996 Futera Decider cricket - Master Set completed

    Hello again Well, this set certainly keeps giving ... ! :-) Since I last posted details I have managed to locate several other items, some of which again I didn't know existed and which has me chasing again - hopefully some of you may be able to assist me with a few uncut 4up sheets ! I have...
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    Cancelled curriejak and bjs127

    curriejak bought Ponting Decider signature card from bjs127 - paid on Wednesday 24 Feb. bjs posted Registered Mail on Thursday 3 March. hasn't arrived as yet on Thursday 10 March - after 6 business days - Registered mail is crap. JC
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    1996 Futera Decider cricket - Special Employee Editions

    Hello all Was wondering if anyone has any of the Decider uncut sheets (and maybe other items ?) issued to employees of Futera I presume. I have a four card uncut sheet of Steve Waugh Platinum cards with the gold sticker across the bottom saying "Certified by futera as a Special Employee...
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    Ponting Futera Decider Signature Card

    Hi all Another year flown and best wishes of the season to all. I'm still chasing the Ponting 1996 Decider Signature card for my Decider Master set. They were the Run Machines RM1 cards and there were 100 signed cards numbered from 1500 to 1600. If you have one to spare then let me know and...
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    Marvel Retro 2013 Mailday

    Hey all I've been putting together a 'Character Master Set' from the Marvel Fleer Retro 2013 set - featuring Storm. Just have to get some more Printing Plates now. I received several of these in a mailday during the week but thought I'd put the whole Storm collection here .... Cheers John
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    Marvel Sketches - Complete Avengers, 70th Anniversary and Fleer Retro

    Hi all I'm always looking for Captain America and Scarlet Witch sketches from the Marvel 70th Anniversary set. Also any Scarlet Witch sketches from the 2006 Complete Avengers set and any Storm and Silver Surfer sketches from the Marvel Fleer Retro set. I am chasing particular artists but will...
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    For Sale Rare 1996 Futera Ultra Pro Michael Slater Puzzle Competition Winner Card 48 / 50

    Hi all I have just put this card up on ebay to see what sort of response I get. It has been mentioned on the forums in here over the past couple years - it's a rarely seen card. Having said that , there was another on ebay a few weeks ago that went for $350 + (along with the other puzzle...
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    How's this for a cricket mailday - 1996 / 97 sets

    Doesn't get much better than this for a 1996 Decider collector. Received in the mail today 4 Futera Gold cards - both Bevans and both McDermott's blue foil Puzzle cash card 0278 Ponting Binder card 7 Player edition cards 5 card Steve Waugh Platinum Player set 6 cards Run Machine sets (all...
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    M70 Captain America sketch mailday

    Hi all Had probably my best single mailday ever on Thursday. My Marvel 70th Anniversary Captain America sketch collection got a huge boost which included sketches by Cat Staggs and Michael "Axebone" Potter. You can see my full collection on sketchcollectors under curriejak. If anyone has any...
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    Marvel 70th Anniversary Cap Mailday

    Hi all Got these in the mail yesterday to add to my Marvel 70th Anniversary Captain America collection. They are all on sketchcollectors under curriejak if you would like to see them. if you have any to spare then let me know. Cheers John
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    Some Marvel Storm sketches

    Hi all Got a couple of these in the mail today so thought I'd post them. Cheers JC
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    For Sale Phantom Gallery Master Set

    Hello I have a Master Set of the Phantom Gallery series on ebay at the moment if you would like to take a look. It's a pretty comprehensive set which includes the following - let me know if you have any interest and see if we can work out a deal. Cheers John You are bidding on a complete...
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