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    In Progress beeza & em8e5

    Agreed. Cash Sent
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    Looking for 2014-15 Noir Base Black'n'White cards

    Been away for a while. Thought Id check back and see if anyone else has some of these laying around that they might want to let go of. Cheers, L
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    Massive Group Break Mailday

    Love that Eddie Jones card. If not sold, can you send me a pm with a price. Cheers,
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    Completed trikeez & beeza

    Cash sent
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    Completed trikeez & beeza

    Yes, good to go.
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    Completed Beeza and Southnet

    Agreed, Paid
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    where to from here??

    What a great read and thread topic. Some very valuable insights either way. To each their own. Personally I like that there is a myriad of choices out there. It's sort of, there's something for everyone. Not everyone though. Kids/early teens suffer the most as they don't have the resources to...
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    Looking for 2014-15 Noir Base Black'n'White cards

    Hey guys, Ok, so this is my first post since I posted my intro in the New Members area. As the title states, I'm looking for just base B&W cards but will consider the colour variant as well. Not sure yet if I end up doing the colour variation. I'm putting together this set as it looks great to...
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    Why do you collect the player you collect?

    Great read on this thread so far. This is only my second post. First was my intro. As in my intro, I come and go from this hobby. I get excited quite quickly and am quite spontaneous in my hobbies and with the card collecting it seems to be in waves for me. Every 3 or 4 years I pick it up but...
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    In n Out collector

    Hi all, Been on and off collecting over the years, mainly NBA stuff. Started in High School in the 90's as most did I assume whom were teenagers in the 90's watching NBA. I was a huge Glen Rice fan and Hornets of course. He had one of the sweetest shot motions from a big man. I remember jumping...
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