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  1. z240

    Cancelled z240 & eagledarren7

    Sale at agreed price including postage (safely wrapped) - Rugby League Regina 1993 Trading Base Set complete 174 Cards in plastic storage sleeves. Includes 3 extra in plastic card storage individually rare competition & Swappa card. Condition is "Used" as collected by owner. Payment via Bank...
  2. z240

    Completed z240 and pharoh

    z240 receives $$$ F&F PayPal pharoh receives 2005 NRL Tradition 2004 Tri Nations 25 card completed insert set (Posted) :) Agreed?
  3. z240

    Completed z240 and Trigger

    z240 receives PayPal F&F $$$ Trigger receives 2004 NRL Authentic Trading Cards Base Set in Album including x4 Promo cards x3 Error/Correction Cards No.81, No.128, No.166 posted via Aust Post. Agreed?
  4. z240

    Completed z240 & pharoh

    z240 receives: agreed $$$ via PayPal F&F. pharoh receives: 2006 Accolade Album & base set, 2007 Invincible Album & base set, 2007 CPOTY card set, trade includes postage Agreed?
  5. z240

    Completed z240 & pharoh

    z240 receives agreed $$$ via PayPal F&F, payment terms agreed & set sent after final payment pharoh receives 2005 NRL Tradition album, base set and parallel set (includes postage) Agreed?
  6. z240

    Completed z240 & SammyJammy23

    Trade 2006 Darren Lockyer Broncos premiership predictor 5 card Select Grand Final card set for $$$ into PayPal. Send Australia Post.
  7. z240

    Completed z240 & Sharks16 Trade NRL Card Set

    z240 trades 1990 Stimorol Scanlens Card full set of 156 cards for Agreed $$$ via Paypal Family & Friends. Postage securely wrapped & tracking provided to be paid by Sharks16. Agreed? Cheers Craig
  8. z240

    Completed z240 & j0hn 200 Game Case Card CC25 Braith Anasta

    200 Game Case Card CC25 Braith Anasta #194 Sold to j0hn for PayPal F&F transfer by z240 as agreed Thank you z240 Craig
  9. z240

    Completed z240 & chopper_con Trade

    PayPal transfer $$$ for 2007 Select NRL Invincible 200 Games Case Card CC8 Darren Lockyer Broncos Card number #145 Craig to post... Agreed?
  10. z240

    Broncos Cards + Sets - Album 2008 Set Champions

    2008 Select Champions Sam Thaiday Stars Sketch Card SK1 Brisbane Broncos $12 posted Plus includes a signed Sammy base card 2008 NRL Select Champions - 2 Official Albums with 195 Full base, 195 Full Foil Holographic, 16 Full Gem cards all in Ultra Pro pages with a Select A4 promotional sheet. I...
  11. z240

    Completed z240 & GaMaPhoNiC

    z240 will receive: $$$ payment via bank transfer GaMaPhoNiC will receive: 2009 SELECT NRL CAPTAIN SIGNATURE CAMERON SMITH #23/50 & REDEMPTION Postage registered express Agree ?
  12. z240


    2009 SELECT NRL CAPTAIN SIGNATURE CAMERON SMITH LOW #23/50 REDEMPTION STORM QLD Private Sale - Captain Signature Insert Card of Melbourne Storm, Australian & Qld Maroons Captain - Cameron Smith CS18. From the 2009 Select Classic NRL Trading Card Series. Only 50 cards in each Captain series...
  13. z240

    Completed z240 & Digeze Trade 2011 Foils etc

    Digeze receives - 2011 Champ Foils SP 123 & 195 Common 2011 Champs - 115-Eric Grothe 117(x2)-Nathan Hindmarsh 133-Luke Lewis 137(x2)-Ben Hornby 153-Issac Luke 157(x2)-Dave Taylor 173(x2)-James Maloney 193(x2)-Chris Lawrence z240 receives 2011 Foils I - SP33,SP53,SP77,SP124,SP136. Thank...
  14. z240

    For Sale/For Trade Trade/Wanted 2011 Strike Cards sell Redemptions & 2011 Champions Foils Wanted

    Sell/Trade 2011 Strike - All common cards available. TRADE SELL LIST MSR2 number 002 Signature Redemption - Darius Boyd (Not Redeemed) SOLD This is the lowest card you can get your hands on I have been lead to understand it is worth every dollar paid for it. Not accepting silly low offers. I...
  15. z240

    Completed z240 & DamoG Trade 2011 Foils

    z240 receives 9 cards - SP 7, 17, 43, 79, 80, 90, 94, 117, 169 DamoG receives 9 cards - SP 55,107,123,145,147,152,164,186,187 Please check & agree to trade. Many Thanks Craig
  16. z240

    Completed z240 & DamoG Trade 2011 Champions

    z240 receives R15 & SP cards SP9, SP89, SP92, SP138. DamoG receives R12 & SP cards SP52,SP109,SP110,SP111,Plus extras SP144,SP166. Agreed? :thumbsup:
  17. z240

    Completed NRL 2011 Champions z240 & DK trading Cards trade cards

    DK receives Auto signature card Kenny - Dowall card number 336 Rookie Card R30, SP 184, 143, 146, 147 z240 receives Auto signature card Yow Yeh card number 592 Rookie card R22, SP 34,46,53,56,58 plus 77,79,126 All good & agreed? Regards Craig
  18. z240

    For Trade 2011 Champions Star Signature Autograph card for Trade - Kenny - Dowall

    Kenny - Dowall card number 336 Trade for Yow Yeh
  19. z240

    Completed z240 & sharkiefan0102 trade 2011 Champions

    sharkiefan0102 trades MG 16 and RS9 z240 trades MG5 and RS6. Cards to be sent next Thursday/Friday 24th/25th March. Agreed?
  20. z240

    2011 Champions - SP Foils wanted to complete set.

    2011 Champions Foils Wanted Only 9 needed, heaps of trades available. SP21,SP44,SP84,SP102,SP113,SP127,SP141. Trades available list. SP2,12,16,23x2,25,27,28x2,35x2,37,38,39,40,47,49,50,51,59x2,60x3,61x2,63x3, 71x3,72x2,73x4,75x3,83x2,85x2,87x3,88,95x2,97x2,98...
  21. z240

    Completed z240 & were-rabbitoh swap some cards

    z240 receives 21 JDC 2009 champions were-rabbitoh receies Rabbitohs signed autograph cards x4 plus 2x JDC 2009 champs. :thumbsup: ---------- Post added 11-08-2010 at 10:53 AM ---------- agreed & cards in mail - thank you heaps. Craig
  22. z240

    2010 Champs JDC error

    Just noted Cowboys JDC 110 has Steve Southern on the front but should be Willie Tonga? Any one else seen this or has the same? I did look for any other threads on this topic. Craig
  23. z240

    Completed z240 & razor77 trade 2010 Champs

    z240 pays $$$ via paypal & sends JDC #76 & common cards 13,20,72,91,94,113,132,151,167,170,189 razor77 sends following cards Superstar Mascot Gems 1 Folau, 15 Vatuvei, Phenomenon P6 Hayne & Tigers JDC 12 card set. Thank you & agreed?
  24. z240

    Completed z240 sells to Scott21

    z240 sells 2010 Champions Titans 12 card Jersey set # 52 to #63 Scott21 pays $$$ for cards & post Paypal or bank transfer accepted To be paid before posted as per OCT site rules for trades with low feed back Agreed?
  25. z240

    Completed z240 & Digeze trade 2009 Select cards

    z240 recieves JDC 2009 Champions 65, 151, 156, 184. Digeze receives JDC 2009 Champions # 118 & 185, plus 2009 Classic commons cards 80x2, 82,113,114,117,122,123,139,147. Thank you & Agreed?
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