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  1. Mark1966

    SOLD/TRADED Please Delete

    Ruby - Storm Checklist $15 Sapphire - Cameron Smith $30 Sold Postage $3 normal and $6 tracked
  2. Mark1966

    SOLD/TRADED Please Delete

    PRICE REDUCED Postage is $4 Normal or $8 With tracking Willing to swap for Wests Tigers cards if available. Will post a list of cards needed if you have any. or take the lot for Thanks League Sensation 2021 Elite Mitchell Barnett - $ Ruby Daniel Saifiti LS08/16- $15 Predictor 2022 Traders...
  3. Mark1966

    2019 Elite Checklist

    Has anyone got a copy of the 2019 Elite checklist. Want to know what Wests Tigers cards their is. Thanks
  4. Mark1966

    For Sale/For Trade 2019 Traders for Sale or Trade

    I need Wests Tigers 2019 Traders: PS151 Checklist ASR16 Authentic Ruby Card SBA18 Startoons LD31 Last line of defence F8 Four & Two I have the following to trade willing to add $$ to make up difference
  5. Mark1966

    SOLD/TRADED 2016 Ruby Mojo set

    2016 Broncos Ruby Mojo set for sale $120 + postage
  6. Mark1966

    SOLD/TRADED Trade for Wests Tigers Cards from any year

    Will trade for Wests Tigers signature cards any year
  7. Mark1966

    For Sale/For Trade 2019 Traders cards for Trade

    I Have the following cards I would like to trade for Wests Tigers: Authentic Series Signature Raymond Faitala Mariner AS 3/18 SOO Queensland Will Chambers, Corey Oates, Tim Glasby SOO NSW Nathan Cleary Club Hero’s Anthony Milford, Damien Cook, David Klemmer 2018 Retirements Chris...
  8. Mark1966

    For Sale 2016 Elite Ruby - Broncos 9/40

    Price will include postage with tracking - $250 ono. Would consider trading for cards of my want list.
  9. Mark1966

    For Sale/For Trade Rugby Union NZ 95 Contenders

    I have a full set of Dynamic The 95 Contenders (55 common cards in set) Rugby Union All Blacks cards (Mint). Not sure what they are worth if anything. Will post photos soon. Happy to trade
  10. Mark1966

    Wanted 2016 Trader common cards

    I was just wondering if anyone can give me a hand with these 2016 Traders commons I still need? Didn't want to buy a complete set and have spares left over. Let me know what you have and price per card thanks. 45,46,62,113,131,138
  11. Mark1966

    For Sale/For Trade My Trade list

    Hi, Here a list of cards that I have left over to sell/Trade, have a look at my wish list to see if we can trade. Thanks 1991 Stimorol 5.Gary Coyne - Canberra 180.Kangaroos Vs Lions - Australia 184.Kangaroos Vs Lions - Australia 189.Kangaroos Vs Lions - Australia 206.Kangaroos Vs Lions -...
  12. Mark1966

    Wanted - Balmain, Western Suburbs and Wests Tigers

    Hi Everyone, Here is my extensive want list. I am happy for you to PM me prices on anything you have on the list. 1990 Fielders 12.Ben Elias - Balmain 34.Tom Raudonikis - Western Suburbs 1992 Balmain Select Stickers Logo Benny Elias Martin Masella Paul Sironen Steve Roach Tim Brasher John...
  13. Mark1966

    For Sale Cards

    All cards plus postage = $3.50 1992 Colourgram cards 1 x St George $15 1 x Penrith $15 Also 1989 Fielders Illawarra Steelers cards, some cards have yellow marks from being old some small creases. View photos for better description. $25
  14. Mark1966

    Illawarra Steelers Cards

    I just come across these cards 13 out of 30 cards, they are from 1991. Cant seem to find anything about them. Anyone have any ideas what they may be worth.
  15. Mark1966


    Wanting to sell or Trade for Wests Tigers I NEED: Thunder & Lightning 31 and 32 Magic Moments 25 Galactic Heroes 18 2014 Retirements 1 and 3 Club Leaders 16 I HAVE: Season to remember cards $2 each Thunder & Lightning cards $8 each Pieces of Puzzle cards $5 each Galactic Heroes cards $10 each...
  16. Mark1966

    SOLD/TRADED Can be deleted

    2008 COURIER MAIL CARDS: 4, 6, 38, 44, 53, 56, 57, 58,72, 75, 98, 99, 112, 114, 116, 120, 122, 124, 127, 128, 132, 138, 141, 142, 146, 147, 151, 152, 155, 200, 201, 203, 205, 211, 217, 219, 228, 232, 233x2 and 236x2. $1.00 the lot. 2012 SLECT CHAMPIONS COMMON CARDS: 4, 17, 19, 31, 38, 39, 42...
  17. Mark1966

    SOLD/TRADED 2015 Tradres

    I have the following 2015 Trader cards left for sale - Common Cards – I have 303, common cards to sell. 10c each + Postage Special – 50c each + Postage.... P11 x 2, P13,P40,P82,P98 and P109 FOTG - $1.50 each FOTG 3/48 Corey Parker If all cards are sold in one lot price $20 Postage may be up...
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