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  1. ihateupants

    Anyone going to the Sydney Hobby Hangout July 2nd

    Im going, pretty pumped, probably my first card show in 20 years. Looking to bring some stuff to trade so keen to know if anyone is going to be there and if they are, what are you interested in (help me know what to pack).
  2. ihateupants

    Completed ihateupants & Jay Dee

    Jay Day gets $$ ihateupants gets: MARVEL MASTERPIECES 2007 Upper Deck 2007 Factory sealed undamaged box numbered UD2012955 Registered post. @Jay Dee agreed?
  3. ihateupants

    For Sale/For Trade A couple of Supremacy 2021

    Lads, Looking to trade the below (Richmond Signatures is the chase) or happy to sell. Just hit me up. Andrew Brayshaw 39/135 Jaden Short 31/135 Luke Ryan 33/90 Patrick Cripps 37/90 Andrew Gaff 35/45 Ben Cousins Club Champions 24/60 Conor Stone Rookie 75/85
  4. ihateupants

    2022 Footy Stars Sprectrum Redemptions

    Chasing 2, 3 and 5 Come at me folks ;)
  5. ihateupants

    PC help - Signatures on cards since 2000 - Richmond

    Fellow Richmond collectors. I’m going to start try pull a list together of all the Select cards that have been released since about 2000/2004 that have signatures. Taken me a while to really figure out where I want my PC to go and I’ve landed on wanting to get sigs of the players Ive known and...
  6. ihateupants

    WTB / Trade Footy Stars 2022 Canvas inserts - Richmond

    Hit me up folks. Found myself a set I would like to collect. Richmond FC. Have a bit to trade but also happy to buy. Lets do this! update - Have already: Lambert Martin
  7. ihateupants

    Completed Ashb23 & ihateupants

    Ihateupants gets PayPal $ Ashb23 gets Select Supremacy 2021 Joel Selwood Superstar Patch Auto Booklet to /25 Sent via express post @Ashb23 agreed?
  8. ihateupants

    Whats the value? Select Optimum 2021 Dusty Martin Medal 50/50

    I am seriously thinking about putting this guy up for sale. I don't ebay just due to the hassles it can bring so won't go the general auction route. I'm a richmond man, and this was the crown jewel but if I want to participate in the hobby in 2022.. well something has to give. I have a selwood...
  9. ihateupants

    The Mongrel Punt (Trading card article)

    My preferred place for independant footy journalism. Cool article that I think all here would enjoy :)
  10. ihateupants

    SOLD/TRADED Supremacy 2021 Selwood Booklet (Geelong)

    UPDATED: Testing the eBay market (wish me luck!) but for anyone who is interested - PM me for a chat anytime.
  11. ihateupants

    Completed ihateupants &

    ihatuepants gets paypal $ gets Select 2017 Essendon (Hurley) Redemption Match Worn Guernsey Signature Card #24/80 agreed?
  12. ihateupants

    Completed ihateupants & 723

    ihateupants gets paypal $ 723 gets Select 2021 Optimum - Optimum + (/455) Andrew Gaff Josh Kennedy Tim Kelly Xavier Duursma Select 2021 prestige Marcus Bontempelli Gamebreaker Select 2021 footy stars Charlie Dixon Acetate Select 2018 footy stars Elliot Yeo A-Grader @723 Agree?
  13. ihateupants

    Completed ihateupants & Sacha

    ihateupants gets payal $ sacha gets 2021 Optimum Corey Durdin Copper Signature #115 @Sacha agreed?
  14. ihateupants

    In Progress ihateupants & CARL&TONYands

    ihateupants gets paypal $$ CARL & TONY ands gets - 2021 Optimum - Optimum+ / 455 Docherty Weitering Casboult @CARL & TONY ands agreed mate?
  15. ihateupants

    Sending in Redemptions

    Team, have collected a couple of various select redemptions from various series. Anyone have experience sending them in bulk. I assume I can just do it in one pack (with a return addressed envelope for each one i guess)?
  16. ihateupants

    In Progress ihateupants & PieMad10

    ihateupants gets $$ PieMad10 gets Select Optimum 2021 Draft Pick Signatures Gold (/85) Caleb Poulter #6 @PieMad10 Agreed?
  17. ihateupants

    Completed ihateupants & Shaunao1983

    ihateupants gets paypal $$ Shaunao1983 gets Select 2021 Optimum+ /455 - Jamarra Ugle-Hagan (RC) #382 Riley Thilthorpe (RC) #68 @Shaunao1983 Agreed?
  18. ihateupants

    What would you do? Optimum 2021 Dustin Martin Medal pull

    So those of you that I interact with a bit would know by now I pulled a massive hit out of Optimum. What I assume to be one of the hardest pulls, a Dusty Medal card. Just so happened to be #50 / 50 which is a nice kicker. I'm a richmond fan and collector so initially I was just stoked for the...
  19. ihateupants

    In Progress ihateupants & drama5

    ihateupants gets - 2021 Optimum Nick Vlaustin Optimum+ 2021 Prestige Tom Lynch Orange Drama5 gets - 2021 Optimum Ben King Optimum+ Elijah Hollands (RC) Optimum+ @drama5 agreed?
  20. ihateupants

    Completed ihateupants & old-timers

    ihateupants gets paypal $ old-timers gets - Select Optimum 2021 Optimum plus Taylor Adams 388/455 @old-timers agreed?
  21. ihateupants

    Completed ihateupants & shaunao1983

    ihateupants gets paypal $ Shaunao1983 gets Select Optimum 2021 Draft Pick Signatures Platinum - Dominic Bedendo #14 Draft Pick Signatures Copper - Josh Eyre #137 Optimum + Parallel - Max Holmes (RC) #23 Optimum + Parallel - Errol Gulden (RC) #57 Optimum + Parallel - Riley Thilthorpe (RC) #49...
  22. ihateupants

    For Sale/For Trade Optimum 2021 - Lets make a deal

    Here is my list of optimum 2021 for trade or sale. Trading for Richmond. Comps for prices has been a challenge so i've tried to be fair and leave something on the table. Post is $4 standard, $8 registered. Always up for hearing fair offers. Definitely happy to look at deals across multiple...
  23. ihateupants

    Completed ihateupants & crows2010

    ihateupants receives paypal $ crows2010 receives 2021 Teamcoach gold star wildcard Matt Crouch Agreed @crows2010
  24. ihateupants

    Anthony Edwards RPA

    Pulled this bad boy from a box of certified I had sitting around. Was nice to finally feel like a box of something actually payed for itself haha. So question to the group - do I get it graded or sell / hold raw... I'm leaning towards grading but im curious what folks think
  25. ihateupants

    Select redemption process

    I have a couple of redemptions to send of to select. They are from 2010 so I reached out to them and was given a new mailing address. I can see on the cards I need to send with a return paid post self addressed envelope - Makes sense, but my question is around how do select send the cards? I...
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