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  1. boofhead

    In Progress aflcards2015 & boofhead

    aflcards2015 gets 2005 and 2006 Hawthorn gold sets. boofhead gets paid. Agreed mate.
  2. boofhead

    For Sale Every Select Hawthorn common card from 1993 to Champions 2016.

    Every Select Hawthorn common card from 1993 to Footy Stars 2016. 40 sets of cards. Includes a couple of signed cards including Franklin, Lewis, Brown, Roughead and Birchall. All in Ultra Pro penny sleeves and 9 pocket pages. In Album. $200 Firm, Posted basically what it owes me. 2016 Footy...
  3. boofhead

    Please Delete

  4. boofhead

    In Progress Blown8 & Boofhead

    Blown8 gets Nick Holland signature. Boofhead get $s. Agree mate
  5. boofhead

    Completed Boofhead and serviamtoj

    serviamto gets Leigh Matthews 74 Dinkum pies and 73 kellogs. boofhead get $ via bank deposit. Agreed mate.
  6. boofhead

    Completed serviamtoj and boofhead

    serviamtoj gets 2013 Prime Leigh Matthews Signature game case card, 73a and 73b Scanlens Leigh Matthews. Boofhead get $s via bank deposit. Agreed mate.
  7. boofhead

    Completed Boofhead and serviamtoj

    serviamtoj gets Hawthorn 1982 Ardmona Series 2 set, including Ablett Rookie. Boofhead gets $s via bank deposit. Agreed mate
  8. boofhead

    Completed BLOWN8 and Boofhead

    BLOWN8 gets Peter Hudson HOF Boofhead gets $s in instalments. Agreed mate
  9. boofhead

    Completed Boofhead and Adelaidecrow

    Boofhead get bank deposit. Adelaidecrow get 1994 Select Jason Dunstall signature. Agreed mate.
  10. boofhead

    Completed Boofhead and will851

    will851 gets Luke Hodge 2014 ambassador 3 card set A1 x2 signed and unsigned and AS1 Boofhead gets $ via bank deposit. Agreed mate.
  11. boofhead

    Please Delete

    2005 Select Dynasty Platinum Set PDP2 Jarryd Roughead 108/130 $260 PDP5 Lance Franklin 026/130 Sold PDP7 Jordan LEWIS 104/130 $180 PDP21 Thomas Murphy 102/130 $120 PDP26 Matthew Little 031/130 $80 $8 posted registered.
  12. boofhead

    For Sale Heaps of Hawthorn cards for sale.

    2011 AFL SELECT HERITAGE SERIES 1 - JOHN KENNEDY SNR SIGNATURE HAWTHORN. Both cards matching numbers #19/100 & 19/500 With album page. $550 add $8 for all cards Posted Registered. Or $12.55 Express.
  13. boofhead

    Completed IlGino15 and Boofhead

    IlGino gets 2002 HaeksTeamcoach Blue set. Boofhead gets $,s Agreed mate.
  14. boofhead

    Cancelled Double up thread

    IlGino15 get 1978 premiership commemorative card boofhead gets $s Agreed mate.
  15. boofhead

    In Progress boofhead and langers1971

    langers1971 gets Don Scott 300 Game Case Card CC27 Shane Crawford Game Case Card CC29 PC6- 2003 AFL XL Ultra Hawthorn 1991 AFL Premiership Commemorative Card Paid off over 3 weeks boofhead gets $'s
  16. boofhead

    Completed Boofhead and HazMan85

    Boofhead gets $'s HazMan85 gets 1996 Matthews Hof redemption Signature. 1996 HOF Hawks Patinum set 2012 Football Draft Prospects Rookie Futures Card - BRAD HILL. 2012 Football Draft Prospects Nickname Signature - BRAD HILL. 2012 Draft Prospects Brad Hill Hawthorn Rookie. 2012 Draft Prospects...
  17. boofhead

    Completed Boofhead & HazMan85

    Boofhead gets $'s HazMan85 gets, 2013 select cc49 leigh matthews. Agreed mate?
  18. boofhead

    Completed Boofhead and Buzz3

    Buzz3 gets Hawthorn Redemption cards Boofhead gets $$$. Agreed mate.
  19. boofhead

    Completed Boofhead & Buzz3

    Buzz3 get Various Hawks Signature cards. Boofhead get funds via bank deposit. Agreed mate?
  20. boofhead

    2012-2013 National Treasures Stephen Curry Auto Colossal Patch

    Pulled this from a box quite a few years ago and gave it to my son for a birthday present. Anyway forgot all about it and my son sends me a message seeing on on EBay for $1299 US and he's contemplating selling it as he needs to do some work on his car. What do you think it's worth? I've got no...
  21. boofhead

    For Sale Hawthorn Collection Sale

    Have been out of the Hobby a few years now. Entertaining the idea of selling my collection. Holding off on selling Scanlens at the moment. Extensive Hawthorn card collection. Cards from 1926 to 2015. Please see attached link. PM for prices details ect...
  22. boofhead


    The lot about 88 DVDs $2 dollars each.
  23. boofhead


    Taking offers on. 2014 FFGS 17 JERMAINE MILLER-LEWIS 2013 FFGS 3 BILLY HARTUNG 2013 FFGS 25 DALLAS WILLSMORE Thanks.
  24. boofhead

    2016 Hawthorn Footy Stars

    NEED, STARBURST CARICATURE BLUE 37,38,39,40 will pay $5 per card. STARBURST CARICATURE RED 39,40 will pay $4 per card. Thanks for looking.
  25. boofhead

    Hawthorn Future Force

    Chasing FFRS9 Burton. Will pay $30. I think i have just decided to discontinue to collect short printed FF sigs. To much of a gamble. Thanks for looking.
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