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  1. Pokey

    SOLD/TRADED Matthew Wade (Hobart Hurricanes) Sapphire Mojo

    Hi All, For Sale. $25 posted. Attached is a Matthew Wade (Hobart Hurricanes) Sapphire Mojo card from the latest TLA release. I also have loads of other cards from this release. PM me with what you are looking for. Please PM me if interested. I await your replies. Yours in Cricket Chris
  2. Pokey

    Help Needed

    Hi All, I have just finished cataloguing this set for my personal collection and can provide you with the following information. There are 269 cards in the complete set. They are made up of: 137 (Un-known Artist) 82 (Mickey Durling) 50 (MAC - Stan McMurtrie) My research indicates that the...
  3. Pokey

    first Shane warne card

    Hi Mark, The card you refer to above is NOT his Rookie (first ever) Card. His first card that I am aware of was the one below. It was released in 1992 as part of the VCA release. Cheers Chris
  4. Pokey

    For Sale New Zealand Issued Cricket Cards & Stickers (1924 - 2020) Reference Book

    Hi Everybody, For those of you out there that collect reference books on cricket cards and stickers, I would highly recommend that you purchase a copy of this book from Steve. I have just received my copy in the mail and trust me, it is one of the best reference books on cricket cards that...
  5. Pokey

    Martin Crowe Ultra Gold Card Set - Number 1 of 50

    Thanks mate. Saw it on ebay, saw it was the #1 and couldn't resist. It's not very often that a #1 comes up.
  6. Pokey

    Martin Crowe Ultra Gold Card Set - Number 1 of 50

    I couldn't resist the opportunity when it presented itself.
  7. Pokey

    Martin Crowe Ultra Gold Card Set - Number 1 of 50

    Hi Everyone, I don't normally share my maildays but I thought I would share this little ripper with everyone.
  8. Pokey

    State Cricket Cards Checklists

    Cheers Dan. Will add this to the list of cards to be on the look out for.
  9. Pokey

    State Cricket Cards Checklists

    Hi All, Further to my information update I am also aware of the existence of the following cards. Qld Bulls 2009-10 Luke Feldman Delissa Kimmince Kirsten Pike Sadly I don't have any images of them to share. Again if you have spares of these I would be happy to hear from you.
  10. Pokey

    State Cricket Cards Checklists

    Thanks Dan for the photos. Will update my database of card images. If anybody has either of the Melissa Bulow or Mitchell Johnson state cards spare please let me know as I would like to add these to my collection.
  11. Pokey

    State Cricket Cards Checklists

    A news update on State Issued Cards. Below are 3 new discoveries. 1. Ian Healy - 1996-97 ACB Cricket Card Set 2. Jo-Anna Kenney (batting) and Jo-Anna Kenney (keeping) both from Southern Redbacks 1997-98 set 3 Carl Rackemann from the 2003-04 set These are what they look like.
  12. Pokey

    2019/20 cricket cards

    I made no mention of them being bound to put up BBL displays. It is my assumption that there may well be a Clause in the Contract that deals with Merchandise which includes Cricket Cards.
  13. Pokey

    2019/20 cricket cards

    Woolworths are a Major Sponsor of Cricket Australia and that there would be a Signed Agreement in place between both parties I don't know what the Contract contains but one would have to assume that there is a Clause in there Agreement that relates to Merchandise. As the Cards produced by Tap...
  14. Pokey

    Scanlens Stimorol Uncut Sheet Sets

    Hi Mate, An early 1990's book (pre Futera) on cricket cards does not make reference to any uncut Scanlens sheets. I hope this helps. Cheers Chris
  15. Pokey

    SOLD/TRADED 1996 Futera Cricket Decider Inserts: 1st Day Issue Steve Waugh - Platinum Player

    Hi Mate, I'm not selling any Steve Waugh Platinum Cards. I don't know of anybody that is but if I come across any I will let you know. Cheers Chris
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