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    Old cigarette cards

    Looking to add some more cricket to my collection. Have most of the Gilly's apart from signatures and want to add some vintage stuff. Looking for some old cigarette cards. Would love a Bradman so if anyone has any please hit me up.
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    Completed kingjack // Amatuer_kidd

    So here is the deal. kingjack: paypal $$$$$ Amatuer_kidd: Melo ultimate auto/jersey all good?
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    Hal Greer

    Looking to pickup some cards of Hal Greer. Mainly looking for older cards like 70's and nice on card autos. PM me with what you have please. Cheers Jack
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    Completed kingjack // xavierty

    Ok mate this is the deal xavierty: Luol Deng gold patch /25 kingjack: paypal $$$$$$ all good?
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    Quick sale! Come check it out!

    Need to sell these to fund the Dane Swan collection. All prices include postyage unless other wise stated. Also have a Kemba Walker Prestige auto looking for $25 dlvd. Melo exquisite base. 09/10 $15 and 06/07 $10 Last one on ebay sold for $42...
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    Dane Swan AA and medal card

    I'm looking to knock off a few of the lower end cards and wait for the higher end one's to die down like the SW's, redemption etc. I'd really like to get my hands on the AA and brownlow medal card, and really want the Club trio. Mainly looking to buy but I do have a heap of teamcoach for trade...
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    Panini. Smart or just plain stupid?

    So, I've been thinking about posting this for a while but have held back. But seeing as hoops has just been released it has sparked me to do this. Sit back and relax because this is going to be a long one. When I was first introduced into the NBA hobby honestly I had no idea about players, the...
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    Cancelled kingjack // A1_Cards_and_Gaming

    So here's the deal. kingjack: Lamarcus Triple threads RC GU Harden certified RC au/gu Patty Mills prestige auto Rubio ultimate RC auto Nolan Smith SPA auto Deron Williams Ultimate RC auto. Luol Deng auto Kobe GU A1: Totally certified rookie auto set. All good?
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    Collingwood club trio

    Would like to knock this off the wanted list. PM me if you have one. Thanks Jack
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    Pure insanity!

    I understand that it is the error but seriously? The card looks like my dog had a war with it.
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    First mailday in a while. Decided to vid it!

    So after digging up my Melo collection the other night it's sparked a rebirth into the NBA hobby. I took a fair break without buying anything but i'm back now. I made the school basketball team aswell so that helps when your playing the sport everyday haha. Decided to video it because I was...
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    Melo auto's...

    I've built up a bit of paypal and i'm looking for a nice Melo auto since i've hit a wall with my Dane Swan PC. Have $65 so show me what you've got! cheers Jack
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    Completed kingjack // ozguy3825

    Ok mate here we go again. ozguy3825: Steele Sidebottom Draft rookie kingjack: Carmelo Ultimate auto Carmelo Fleer patch all good?
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    Photoshop help!

    I'm having a crack with the new cs6 and for the life of me can not figure out how to use the stupid thing. How do you render an image and then place it on a background? I've already made the background etc. I'm so frustrated with this thing.
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    For Sale The cheapest sale ever! Teamcoach to start.

    I'm clearing all my cards that are not PC. Everything is super super cheap as I just want them gone. I'll be listing all teams select aswell. This is just a start. Just add 2 bucks for postage and we'll make a deal. ADELAIDE TEAM COACH 2012 RICHARD DOUGLAS SILVER 50 cents SCOTT THOMPSON SILVER...
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    2010/11 Totally certified rookie auto set. Now selling individually!

    Going to cut my losses and break up this set. All on card auto's and very nice looking cards. I'm honestly to tired to list all the prices so just drop me a PM with who you want and we'll work out a deal. Cheers Jack
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    Completed kingjack // carlton91

    Alright here we go. kingjack: paypal $$$$$ carlton91: Jimmy Bartel MW wildcard sound good?
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    Best mailday of my life! (so far)

    Alright so it's been a long time since i've made an AFL mailday. With my lack of busting last year i'm back in the saddle this year. So much so that my luck is shifting (finally)! Probably busted about 30 packs with my Dad this year and we normally have horrible luck. We've pulled some nice...
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    A bit wierd?

    I'm confused by this auction, seriously WTF? The same guy with 1990 feedback has bid 8 times but the same amount every time. I need this card for my collection but this just smells fishy. Shill bidding perhaps...
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    Completed kingjack // angpin

    Alright here we go mate. angpin: Michael Jordan championship floor auto kingjack: Sent by registered post. all good?
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    Completed kingjack // Jerald

    Here we go mate. kingjack: paypal $$$$ Jerald: DWade auto /199. all good?
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    Urgent sales... Jordan auto $400 dlvd. etc

    Offering these up for sale because I can to. $240 dlvd - The lowest I can possibly go. $10 dlvd $400 dlvd. Cheers Jack
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    Completed kingjack // boofhead

    Hey mate here it is. kingjack: Travis Cloke and Dane Swan silver. Dane Swan common boofhead: Luke Hodge gold all good?
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    First look at 2012 teamcoach

    Bit the bullet and busted some packs. I'm looking for Dane Swan common, silver and gold. Will trade in your favoor. BF - Marc Murphy BF- Adam Goodes Silver - Lenny Hayes Silver - Greg broughton Silver - Ryan Okeffe Silver - Ben Mcglynn Silver - Nathan Foley Silver - Aaron Davey Gold -...
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    A mailday that I thought would never happen.

    So as most of you know I was the lucky recipient of the best giveaway prize ever last week. But before I get to that i've had some Swan's in for the collection. Nothing special as they're just Select series 1 but still happy. And now for the big one! Kafrickenboom!!!!!!! Can't...
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