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  1. Sash3350

    SOLD/TRADED SOLD. Please remove. Replica Helmet

    Hi All, I’m selling a replica Chicago Bears helmet. I am asking $50 (ONO) + shipping if required (DM to ask). Any other questions feel free to ask. Thanks. Sash
  2. Sash3350

    Jarryd Hayne framed signed jersey

    Hi all, I am selling a framed (88x69cm) signed jersey (it’s a smaller replica jersey) of Jarryd Hayne. pick up only from home Prestons or work Baulkham Hills. Any questions feel free to ask. thanks Sash
  3. Sash3350

    Doctor Who Signature Series Topps - 2017

    Hi All, I'm trying to finish off a base set of the Doctor Who Signature Series. if anyone has any for sale (or trade) that would be great. See below for the base cards I need. Base Cards 1 The First Doctor 7 The Seventh Doctor 9 The Ninth Doctor 15 Amy Pond...
  4. Sash3350

    please remove

    Hi All, Due to shipping stuff up on ebay I am still in need of the following patches to complete my set: - P4, P9, P11 & P17. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks again Sash
  5. Sash3350

    please remove

    Hi All, After 4 boxes I still haven't completed a base set.. if anyone has some spare to sell or trade id appreciate it. If you are looking to sell some tougher inserts feel free to let me know. Thanks again. Needs: BASE SET No. Title Description 2 The Second Doctor Time Lord 6...
  6. Sash3350

    2 boxes of Doctor Who

    Hey all, just thought I would share the hits from my latest buy. Not bad I think.
  7. Sash3350

    Daughters Woolworths Dominoes want list

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone can help me out in getting the last few dominoes my Daughter needs... She's after dominoes: 14! Also need the tin. Thanks
  8. Sash3350

    Grimm Season 2

    Hi All, Bought a few boxes of this stuff and still need a few cards. I am willing to buy or trade. Thanks in advance. Needs: Illustrated Wesen Cards (3:box) GW1 Balam GW2 Cioyotyl GW3 Drang-Zorn [female] GW7 Königschlange GW8 Lebensauger GW9 Mauvais Dentes GW10 Nukelavee...
  9. Sash3350

    2 boxes of Guardians... Think I did ok!

    Hi all, decided to finally start posting my breaks again. Hope you like this one. Thanks guys.
  10. Sash3350

    Star Wars chrome perspectives medallion 9 of 40

    Hi All, I am in the process of completing the set of the chrome perspective medallions. I need no.9 (slave 1)! I'm willing to trade or buy it. Thanks.
  11. Sash3350

    Star Wars Galactic Files Series 2 Needs

    Hi All, I am trying to finish off the set and I need a few more cards. Galactic Moments: 14,15,16 & 17 Medallions: 6,14,21 & 30. Also need a few autos (have the 4-Lom & chewie autos) so feel free to let me know what you have for sale or trade. Thanks again guys Sash
  12. Sash3350

    Completed Paul Gallen League Sensation for Jarryd Hayne League Sensation

    Sash3350 to receive the Jarryd Hayne 2013 NRL Elite League Sensations 029/130 and Wizzle to receive the Paul Gallen 2013 NRL Elite League Sensation 006/130. Both cards to be in mint condition and mailed via registered post. Agreed?
  13. Sash3350

    For Sale/For Trade Elite sigs and inserts trade for Parra

    Hi All, I busted a box and a few packs. Looking to trade or sell the cards. PM me any offers. Cheers League Sensation Sig: Paul Gallen (6/130) (willing to trade for a Hayne sig) (currently agreed to trade) Future Stars Sig: Jacob Miller (67/105) (willing to trade for a Pauli Pauli sig) Fast &...
  14. Sash3350

    Marvel Greatest Battles inserts

    Hi All, I need the following for my set. Marvel Greatest Battles: Avenger v X-men: 12,17 DC Batman The Legend: Circus of Villians posters: CP5 Thanks again. Blue: currently trading/waiting for.
  15. Sash3350

    For Sale Traders Parallels

    Hi All, I have 39 parallels for $19.00. Will only sell as a lot. If anyone is keen let me know. Cheers Sash
  16. Sash3350

    UFC 2011 Topps Title Shot & Finest

    Hi All, Just about to find time to finally put these cards on Ebay. Thought I would offer them here before I do. Check the scans and let me know if theres anything you want. Also have a full set of the Title shot for sale and many singles for the Finest. Thanks
  17. Sash3350

    Box of Batman & Marvel Bronze Age

    Hi All, Thought I would share the sketches that I got out of the two boxes I opened. Very Happy with the hits. Does Anyone know who the Batman sketch is of?
  18. Sash3350

    Star Wars Galactic Files patch cards-all done.

    Hi All, I am trying to get a full set of the patch cards. If anyone has any for sale please let me know. Cheers Sash
  19. Sash3350


    Hi All, My cousin has been after this DVD for a while and has asked me if I could help him. Does anyone have it for sale or know where he could buy it from? Thanks Sash
  20. Sash3350

    Completed sale between sash3350 tangent

    Sash gets assorted star wars galaxy cards and Murphy Anderson Auto Tangent gets $$ Agreed?
  21. Sash3350

    justice league of america archives

    Hey All, I was wondering if anyone can help me complete this set. I only need one card to have all the inserts... super friends Wonder Twins! Its been too elusive... Thanks Sash
  22. Sash3350

    does anyone know if there is a website that sells original nba games?

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a site that sells nba games in whole from the vintage years up till now? Wouldnt mind getting some old boston games on dvd. Thanks Sash
  23. Sash3350

    Completed sale between tangent & sash3350

    tangent gets $$ and sash3350 gets assorted GoT's, marvel and JLA cards. Agreed?
  24. Sash3350

    protecting/storing shadowbox cards??

    Hi all, Just got a few shadowbox cards sent to me (marvel & game of thrones) and im wondering are there any pages out there that can hold the extra thick cards?? I like to keep my collections in binders but the sheets dont really work that well. If anyone has any ideas im happy to read them. :)...
  25. Sash3350

    Need help with Marvel Beginning Series 1 & 2

    Hi fellow members, Im looking at finalising all the inserts (and some common cards from series 2) for the first two series. If anyone has some for sale or trade let me know and I can PM you what I need and what I have for trade. Thanks heaps Sash
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