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    Polly Farmer Hall of Fame Sig

    Looking for a Polly Farmer HoF sig. hit me up if you have one for sale please! Thanks Ash
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    In Progress Ashb23 & EricPerry

    AshB22 gets PayPal $, EricPerry gets dusty supremacy. Agreed?
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    Geelong Supremacy 2019

    Hi all, Chasing the following cats supremacy: Reds /45 - Cam Guthrie And from 2019: PG non sig - Goggin PG Sig - Tom Harley PBD sig - Jimmy Bartel Thanks for looking :)
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    SOLD/TRADED Tigers Supremacy Sale

    Couple of Tigers Supremacy Cards for Sale: Dustin Martin Gold 74/90 - $410 Posted Bachar Houli Patch 19/70 - $OLD
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    Supremacy trade for cats equivalents

    Trading all for equivalent cats
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    Completed Ashb23 & danielmcstay

    Ashb23 gets $$, danielmcstay gets Pavlich DPS. Agreed?
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    In Progress Ashb23 & Bulldogsfight

    Ashb23 gets Paypal $ Bulldogs fight gets Time English Specialist 34/80. Agreed?
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    Completed Ashb23 & Shaunao1983

    Ashb23 gets Paypal $, Shauno1983 gets Chapman 075/115 and Bowey 26/115. Agreed?
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    Completed Ashb23&723

    Ashb gets Paypal $$, 723 gets Tom Barrass Specialist. Agreed?
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    Another Optimum Sale/Trade Thread

    Selling the Following Optimum (Or trade for Cats I need - Trades don't need to be like for like, just as long as we can agree value), Add $3.50/$7 postage: Need Optimum + Blicavs, Dangerfield, Guthrie and Holmes (RC) Optimum + Parallel $15 each (reduced): Need: Blicavs, Dangerfield, Selwood...
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    Mid/High End Geelong Want List

    Hi guys, Chasing the following high end Geelong Cards: Authentic 2001: Ben Graham Captain Signature 2002 Exclusive SPX: Garry Hocking Tribute Signature 2004 Conquest: Steven King Captains Signature 2012 Eternity Club Logo Patch 2013 Prime Joel Selwood Prime Draft 2015 Honours Geelong Club...
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    Completed Ashb23 & Baz75

    Ashb gets 2005 Judd Medal, Ablett FFI and 5x GFC die cuts, Baz75 gets $$. Agree?
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    Completed Ashb23 & CRUISER77

    Ashb gets: 2020 Dominance MW2 JEREMY CAMERON 2009 Pinnacle 2009 AA7 Bartel 2009 AA20 2009 AA21 2008 Classic TM41 GRAHAM JOHNCOCK TM49 BEN RUTTEN TM50 MATHEW STOKES 2019 Stars SP27 B. PARFITT 2017 Certified AA22 L. PARKER C77 GEELONG LOGO 2017 Stars SP25 SP26...
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    Completed Ashb23 & scottyjc

    Ashb gets Cats coleman and Touhy Bang, Scottyjc gets $$$. Agreed?
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    Completed Brilliance Ashb23 and Shauno1983

    Ashb23 gets $$$ and Shauno1983 gets 3 x brilliance cards. Payment to be F&F or Shauno1983 to cover fees. Agree?
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    SOLD/TRADED Brilliance - McPharlin #44, Ward #12 & Zorko #23

    Zorko - $200; Ward and McPharlin $150. Would also consider trading for equivalent Cats cards.
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    Cats Supremacy

    List edited. Managed to pick up most of the cats supremacy I needed down to the last 3 'gettable' cards, before I look for the dream cards: Commons: Gary Ablett; Tom Hawkins; Future Franchise Signatures: Sam Menegola; Norm Smith Medallist: Steve Johnson; Premiership Glory: Tom Harley...
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    In Progress Ashb23 & CRAWF #9

    Ash gets 2014 honours cards, CRAWF #9 gets paypal $$ Agree?
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    Completed Ashb23 & Buts18

    Ashb23 gets Geelong 1925 Premiers card, Buts18 gets paypal $$. Agree?
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    1999 - 2017 Signature cards (for trade only)

    Hi Guys, Looking to trade some signature cards to complete my Geelong set Left is what I'm after, right is what I have to trade (I've tried to group them by values for trade purposes): Want List For Trade 1998 Brad Ottens DPS 1999 Jeff Farmer Destiny Signature 2001...
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    Gary Ablett Generation Next Signature Card

    Hi Guys, Looking for a Gary Ablett Generation Next signature card if anyone has one for sale or trade? Send me a PM. Cheers Ash
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    90's Sets For Sale

    Hi all, I have the following 90's sets for sale: Upper Deck 93/94 - $50; Fleer Ultra 94/95 - $30 Fleer Metal Series 2 - $80 (Includes all nuts and bolts cards) Also have a Shaq Scoring Kings - $30 ($3 postage) Postage is $10.
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    Completed Ashb23 & P-Dawg

    Enright for $$$
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    For Sale 1996 Jack Dyer Signature Card

    Hi All, I've got a 1996 Jack Dyer Signature Card for Sale or trade. Looking for high end Geelong Signatures. Will straight swap for a Polly farmer 2006. Could also talk if you have a 2019 Selwood Captain Sig (cash my way) or Ablett Generation Next (Cash your way), . Photo's Below: Cheers, Ash
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    Completed Adelaidecrow & Ashb

    Hey mate, So I get Chapman and Gazza brownlow predictors; you get $$$ Agreed??? Ash
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