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    nba yahoo fantasy

    anyone got a league going?
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    did a thing.

    so just went to the newsagent to pickup the newspaper. decided to buy a pack of footy stars, and managed to get a steven may platinum standup & a luke mcdonald hologram foil. if anyone wants them or the base cards let me know.
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    deciding sale value.

    so, ive got a huge lot of 90s bball cards, if i wanted to sell them, where would i get an idea for the best price to sell said card?. ebay?
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    selling card

    so im trying to sell a card on here, member messages me saying he'll buy but ive got to send first according to forum rules etc etc etc, exactly what security does this give me? i dont see how im not going to possibly get scammed, any advice or insight would be useful? (i cant find these...
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    blake griffin auto

    hey guys, 2012-13 past & present blake griffin auto, $40? seems fair? + $5 for postage apologies for terrible pic's pm me with any q's
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    marcin gortat auto

    probably not worth much, but someone out there might like it? for trade i pretty much would take almost anything derrick rose/jimmy butler, price $30? nego please tell me if im lowballing myself thanks guys
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    2014-15 hoops box bust (also my 1st ever box)

    hey guys, this is pretty much the majority of my 1st box bust, might not be the most impressive, but i still had fun breaking it, that amare jersey card is sick. same with the rookie auto's, i got plenty of silver base cards, few gold ones, and some prizm ones? i dont even know lol, also...
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    panini redemption

    hey guys, brought a pack of past & present, got a redemption card for a blake griffin signature, few questions 1.) the expiry date is 1/11/14 any chance they'll still redeem the card? 2.) is it even worth trying to? thanks i think this is the right place to post this question?
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    obv new member

    hey, very long time lurker, ive posted but never really introduced myself. used to collect cards in the 90's still got plenty of them hiding places if anyone wants them? :P. been buying random packets of cards, panini nbahoops? from newsagents lately, have been considering buying a box but no...
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    new member here

    hey guys.. my name is david was a big card collector back in the early to mid 90s when i was a kid.. got lots of cards im looking to sell from that period.. also been considering buying boxes but dont know where to whats worth getting (not looking to spend up on big expensive...
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