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  1. Porsche911

    Next Generation Triple Signature Actual Signature Card Collingwood Shaw's 2019 Dominance

    Thanks to @P-Dawg i finally got to see this years next generation triple signature. Check it out, fantastic. Thanks again P-Dawg
  2. Porsche911

    Here's a bit of fun Post. The "I pulled a card 1 number off the guernsey number of the player" Thread

    As the heading says, we love to pull a card numbered as low as possible or the players guernsey number. But when you are having a bad day and pull the card that is ONE number away from the guernsey number, or ONE number away from the card you want. ONE number off can also cost you big...
  3. Porsche911

    Regal Trading Cards NEW 2019 Release

    Hey guys just found this posted on their website? Looks like an AFLW Signature Guernsey Patch Preview? @BLOWN8 loves the patch cards, so bring on the release and the whispers that are out there about this release. Regal Trading Cards 56 mins · Coming Soon! #regaltradingcards #regalroyalty...
  4. Porsche911

    2019 Dominance Players Ink Signature Blake Hardwick Hawthorn

    2019 Select Dominance Players Ink Signature . PIS10 Blake Hardwick Hawthorn #072/175. $32 inc regular post. Card is in mint condition. SOLD SOLD
  5. Porsche911

    300 Game Case Card Tuck. Is this authentic ?

    No disrespect intended to the guy selling this on ebay for $800, but it is different from most other signature cards i have seen, including the hand numbering on the back. Are they numbered from 1 to 50 or like the Len Thompson collingwood one that was all numbered of 50. Just curious as to what...
  6. Porsche911

    Admin plz delete

    plz delete admin
  7. Porsche911

    2019 Dominance Captain Signature Cards, Actually Lets Get Every Captain Signature Card Here

    As the title says, I am keen to check out the 2019 Captain signatures, and Mario has posted the first one i have seen, on ebay today. So if you have got one redeemed post a pic up here for us all to see. Thinking about it for a minute, the set is not too big, so if you got a captain signature...
  8. Porsche911

    Nice Mail Day This Week Of Low #002's & Guernsey Numbers

    Pretty stoked with the Hardwick guernsey number, the 1961 premiers card is not only the lowest number but Graham Arthur, the captains guernsey number. Also have the 1961 premiers #003.
  9. Porsche911

    Draft Pick Signature Rookies Complete Checklist Set

    Hi there I am hoping someone has done the hard work and has compiled a list of rookie draft signature cards, obviously all nearly select from 1998 to 2018. I know the 2014 Select Honours 1 Team Checklist has all the draft signature cards listed for that team, and I don't really want to download...
  10. Porsche911

    1991 Scanlens, Near Complete Set, Mint. 123 cards of 168

    As it says Scanlens 1991 cards, 123 of 168, mint condition, no doubles. check out pics. $45 inc postage. .
  11. Porsche911

    2019 Select Hilites & Rising Star Nominees Cards

    Select have announced the continuation of the weekly Hilites and Rising Star Nominee cards. As per last year the process is : • ⁃the price per Hilites or Rising Star Nominee card is $15 each, plus $5 flat rate postage • ⁃the amount of each card ordered will determine the quantity printed (eg...
  12. Porsche911

    Select Hilites are back for 2019. woo hoo

    ***HILITES ALBUM*** We will once again be producing our popular Hilites Cards this year. We have also produced a limited number of Hilites Albums for you to store them in, available for sale on our website now on the link below. Cost is $15 + $5 postage, while stocks last...
  13. Porsche911

    Tom Mitchell Gold & Platinum Brownlow Medal Redeemed Cards

    Wow they look great this year, platinums even have different pics and background. the best from select to date. Pics from set for sale on ebay $1,800. wouldn't it be nice
  14. Porsche911

    Here's A Lazy Sunday Post. What is the most money you have paid for an AFL card?

    I got the Hawthorn heritage signature card of luke hodge #015 for $1100.
  15. Porsche911

    New Select Release December 5 2018 **WOW**

    Select Footy Cards 12 hrs · ***2018 SELECT XMAS SET*** To celebrate the Xmas season, we have produced a limited edition Christmas set featuring our 2018 Footy Stars Common and Caricature Cards, redesigned with Xmas motifs! This is our lowest common set ever, only 277 complete sets! Each packet...
  16. Porsche911


    Select Footy Cards 9 hrs · ***2018 LIMITED EDITION DRAFT PICK CARDS*** To celebrate the announcement of the top 10 AFL Draft Picks for 2018, we will be producing a range of limited edition cards to commemorate this occasion. These cards will be sold and produced along the same lines as the...
  17. Porsche911

    Regal Greats of the Game Series 2 ?

    Regal Trading Cards 2 hrs · MAJOR SIGNING UPDATE! Regal Trading Cards recently had the privilege of adding the 1996 and 1999 North Melbourne Premiership winning captain WAYNE CAREY to our upcoming series of Greats of the Game. With this sweet ENSHRINEMENTS signature card numbered to only 25...
  18. Porsche911

    WANTED - Sam Mitchell Signed West Coast Card ? Luke Hodge Signed Brisbane Card ?

    Hi guys Just chasing a couple of common cards of Sam Mitchell in West Coast Colours ? and Luke Hodge in Brisbane Colours ? Ouch even hurts to ask. :p Have 800 Hawthorn Signed Cards to trade, or buy ?
  19. Porsche911


  20. Porsche911

    AFL Players MVP Awards 2018 Box Set On Sale Now !!

    The annual series is out now? Select Footy Cards ***2018 MVP SET ON SALE NOW*** Our 2018 MVP Boxed Set, featuring the Players Association's Best 22 Under 22 is on sale now on our website at !! 2018 MVP BOXED SET $100.00 AVAILABILITY: IN...
  21. Porsche911

    Wouldn't It Be Nice..........Rioli Replies To Clarko's Offer

    Cyril's response to Clarko's finals offer Alastair Clarkson reveals what Cyril Rioli said when the Hawks coach texted him to ask if he'd like to come back for the finals As you diehard hawks fan would know Cyril is still a listed player at Hawthorn and can play out the rest of the season if...
  22. Porsche911

    West Coast Eagles SUPER LOW #003 DP Signature Brander

    2018 Select Legacy Draft Pick Signature Jarrod Brander #003 West Coast Eagles Super Low Number #003 $150 Delivered Registered Will Consider Hawthorn Trades
  23. Porsche911

    In Progress @Porsche911 and @Mabbs95

    Select Legacy low numbered brander draft pick signature card. @Mabbs95 gets above card @Porsche911 gets paypal. @Porsche911 to post card out this week to address already given then @Mabbs95 sends thru payment. Agreed
  24. Porsche911

    2018 All Australian Team With A Twist !!!

    Whilst we wait for the release of Select Legacy and the upcoming finals and the announcement of many accolades, I thought it timely to have a crack at the All Australian Team, with a twist, you need to pick the best players by guernsey numbers? There may well be several players put forward with...
  25. Porsche911

    Hawthorn 300 Game Case Cards For Sale/Trade

    I have the 300 game case cards of CC12 Salmon, CC10 Tuck, and CC29 Crawford Signature (#035). Tuck $80, Salmon $80, Crawford $180. Looking To Trade For CC49 Matthews, CC56 Langford, CC66 Burgoyne, and CC74 Hodge.
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