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  1. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Jimbo Jones & j0hn

    Jimbo Jones receives Broncos Black Young Gun j0hn receives Roosters Black Young Gun Jimbo Jones agrees
  2. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Jimbo Jones & Sharks16

    Jimbo Jones to Send Graham LS Black Sharks16 to send Oates LS Black Jimbo Jones agrees
  3. Jimbo Jones

    In Progress Jimbo Jones & allsportdvd

    allsportdvd to send Paypal $$ Jimbo Jones to send 7 Tigers cards as per Direct Message Jimbo Jones Agrees
  4. Jimbo Jones

    In Progress Jimbo Jones & Angry

    Jimbo Jones receives 29 Broncos IPs Angry receives Daniel Tupou Black LS Cards to be sent with tracking Jimbo Jones agrees
  5. Jimbo Jones

    SOLD/TRADED Jimbo Jones Sales Thread

    I'm sorting through my cards and will list them as I go. Postage will be $3 Standard or $7 Registered ....more to come... 2018/2019 GLORY Future Famers Sig $40 – Matt Geyer STORM #183/420 Pioneers $5 - 21,24,25 CHROME $3 – (All Numbers >100 except those marked) CCC5,7,9,10(#78/566)...
  6. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Jimbo Jones & Mikek

    Straight trade 2018 LSB01 for 2018 LSB01 Jimbo Jones agrees
  7. Jimbo Jones


    Looking for the following Broncos Cards #27 WILL BUY OR TRADE for different number 2018 ELITE McGuire LS White #27/90 2019 ELITE Glenn LS Black #27/40 2019 ELITE Glenn LS White #27/90 2019 ELITE Isaako YG White #27/90 2018 RUBY MOJO Darius Boyd, Matt Gillett, Kodi Nikorima, Sam Thaiday...
  8. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Jimbo Jones & Ivanacrit

    Jimbo Jones to send 3 x Panthers Startoons Ivanacrit to send Paypal $ Jimbo agrees
  9. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Jimbo Jones and Ivanacrit

    Jimbo Jones to send Panthers cards as per PMs by registered post Ivanacrit to send Paypal $$ Jimbo agrees
  10. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Jimbo Jones & FootyMadEli

    Jimbo Jones to send via Registered Post - 2016 Milford LS + 2015 Nikorima YG FootyMadEli to send agreed $$ by Paypal Family & Friends. Jimbo Jones agrees
  11. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Jimbo Jones & j0hn

    Jimbo Jones to send Tedesco Ruby j0hn to send Boyd Ruby Jimbo agrees
  12. Jimbo Jones

    In Progress Jimbo Jones & Sharkiefan0102

    Jimbo Jones to send Sharks Ruby by registered post Sharkiefan0102 to pay $$ Jimbo agrees
  13. Jimbo Jones

    2018 Elite for Sale

    2018 Elites Postage is $3 standard Post or $6 Registered Post James Tedesco LS 21/90 $100 Joseph Manu YG 63/90 $80 Jesse Ramien 32/90 $80 Rubys (will consider trade for equivalent Broncos Rubys) Dragons - Frizell 1/40 trade only for Broncos #1 Ruby Bulldogs Frawley 4/40 $30 Sharks Gallen...
  14. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Jimbo Jones and Sharks16

    Jimbo Jones to send Sharks box card Sharks16 to send Dragons box card Jimbo agrees
  15. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Axeman23 & Jimbo Jones

    Axeman to receive $$ by Paypal gift Jimbo to receive Blair Sig card Jimbo agrees
  16. Jimbo Jones

    2014 TRADERS

    2014 TRADERS Wally Lewis Case Card CC1 $30 Norm Provan Case Card CC2 $30 Rabbitohs Brothers in Arms B1 $30 Indigenous Close the Gap IND3,5,6,7,12 $15ea Indigenous Close the Gap IND4 Thurston $20 Retirments R3,10,14,16 $8ea Galactic Stars GS1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18 $6ea...
  17. Jimbo Jones


    2014 Traders B1 Brothers in Arms $50 includes registered post
  18. Jimbo Jones


    2017 MARVEL SUPERHERO JERSEY SIGS #27/50 $180 ea includes registered post payment by Paypal Family & Friends thanks
  19. Jimbo Jones

    Completed jimbo Jones & Paul_Ambrey

    Paul Ambrey to send Paypal $$ Family & Friends Jimbo Jones to send 2016 Elite Tom Burgess Patch by registered post Jimbo Jones agrees
  20. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Jimbo Jones & Nick123

    Jimbo Jones to receive Titans RGP & Eels RGP sent by registered post Nick123 to receive Paypal $$ Jimbo jones agrees
  21. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Jimbo Jones & Dr Grange

    Dr Grange to send Paypal $$ Family & Friends Jimbo Jones to send 4 x 2013 Young Guns by Registered Post Jimbo Jones agrees
  22. Jimbo Jones

    2016 ELITE RGPs #70/100

    I am after the following RGPs #70/100 or a matching pair in the #70s range I have other numbers of same card available to trade. RGP1 Broncos Milford/Boyd #77 RGP2 Broncos McGuire/Parker #70 RGP3 Raiders Rapana/Lee #70 or any number in the #70s RGP4 Raiders Boyd/Vaughan #70 or any...
  23. Jimbo Jones

    2013 Traders

    Does anyone know how many cases were made for 2013 Traders?
  24. Jimbo Jones

    Completed Jimbo Jones & Battingticks84

    Battingticks84 receives 2 x Broncos RGPs Jimbo Jones receives 2 x Warriors RGPs + $$ Jimbo Jones agrees
  25. Jimbo Jones

    For Sale/For Trade #001 Raiders Duo

    I really would like to keep this card as I'm sure it will be the only #1 I ever hit, however it should probably go to a Raiders Fan and I can try my hardest to get a Broncos #1. I don't really know what its worth so I would like to consider any offers you would like to put forward by PM, also...
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