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  1. Rogerbid23

    Mailday May 2022

    Great quality KG mailday! It's beauty!
  2. Rogerbid23

    Iverson and MJ recent pickups.

    Heavy weight AI and MJ mailday! My favor pick MJ rock star!
  3. Rogerbid23

    Surprise mailday

    Awesome Platinum Medallion Swift and Awesome member skip20!
  4. Rogerbid23

    Some recent Spoon goodness

    WOW noice Skybox Weatherspoon Rubies!!! =D>=D>=D>
  5. Rogerbid23

    Dwight gets a big ticket

    Wow DH mega crazy mailday! Upper Deck Black always looks sick!! :thumbsup:
  6. Rogerbid23

    Larry Johnson Upperdeck Buybacks

    Crazy grandmama buyback mailday!!!
  7. Rogerbid23

    Beam Team

    TSC beam team always beautifully design! Noice KG PC! :thumbsup:
  8. Rogerbid23

    Mark the century

    Those century marks doesn't appeal much in the market. Great Camby auto PC!!
  9. Rogerbid23

    Mailday from the US

    Pretty sick MJ RC sticker card and noice Magic PC.
  10. Rogerbid23

    Camby exquisite

    Sick Camby PC mailday!
  11. Rogerbid23

    KG Book and this weeks new mail 6/4

    Wow heavy load KG pc!!! Noice!!
  12. Rogerbid23

    My mailday the last missing card

    WOW killa Kobe auto mailday!! :thumbsup:
  13. Rogerbid23

    Kobe, MJ and Iverson mail week

    Great 90 mailday, my favor would be the topps archives godl.
  14. Rogerbid23

    Luka Doncic Mailday!

    Solid Luka mail--day and PC.
  15. Rogerbid23

    Jordan, Ball, Harden and Iverson mail day

    Pretty sweet MJ PC, noice mailday.
  16. Rogerbid23

    150 Slab PSA Mailday

    Pretty sweet the lot PSA PC!
  17. Rogerbid23

    90s haul

    Pretty solid 90's legends mailday.
  18. Rogerbid23

    Been a while Pippen mailday

    Always good to see Bulls No.2 all time best player,:lol: beautiful player maker!! :thumbsup:
  19. Rogerbid23

    waiting a while kind of mail day

    Great MJ 90 inserts mailday, my favor is Pippen big men on the court. :thumbsup:
  20. Rogerbid23


    Always good take a break from hobby and came back fresh start slowly to built a new PC.
  21. Rogerbid23

    Massive COMC mailday.

    That's some quality and variety mailday, love it! 1 troy ounce Magice auto simply killa!!
  22. Rogerbid23

    Long awaited PC mail day...Lebron, Kobe, Tatum, Devonte, Luka

    Noice quality LBJ / Ja / Luka / Kobe mailday!!
  23. Rogerbid23

    Jordan Scoring King and others

    Noice scoring king insert!!
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