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  1. ossu

    Big update FT/FS

    I'm back and looking to make some trades. PCMB and let me know. Notice! I live in Estonia, Europe
  2. ossu

    Back again trade

    Hello again, I've been away for over a year now and decided that i need to make some trades. So please check my bucket and let me know what do you like.
  3. ossu

    Trying to make some deals

    Haven't made a deal in here for a while. So i decided to make another thread. PCMB and let me know what you like.
  4. ossu

    All Bucket available

    Haven't checked here for a while so i decided to look around maybe someone needs anything. Bucket link in my signature, PLMK. Take care, Oscar
  5. ossu

    Bucket Update

    Made some updates in bucket and few cards left. So PLMK if you saw anything.
  6. ossu

    Anything in my bucket

    Decided to drop my PC and to move all of them into Trade folder. So PCMB and PLMK what you liked.
  7. ossu

    My PC

    Hi, decided to sell some of my PC cards except Paul George auto. PCMB and PLMK.
  8. ossu

    Bucket updated

    Just made some changes ion my bucket. Take a look and PLMK.
  9. ossu


    Everything in my bucket FT/FS. PLMK
  10. ossu

    Want to trade

    Haven't made a trade for a while. Really looking to make some trade. So PCMB and PLMK
  11. ossu

    Everything for trade

    Really want to make some trades. Everything is for trade EXCEPT PC section. PCMB and PLMK
  12. ossu


    Haven't trade here for a while. So PLMK if you saw something.
  13. ossu

    Let's make some deals

    MAde some update on my bucket and want to trade. PLMK
  14. ossu

    Christmas Trade

    Updated my bucket and want to trade. In my bucket you can find autos of Rose, LeBron, Pierce, Barnes, Pierce and many more. Take a look !
  15. ossu

    DRose And LeBron triple autos and much more

    Hi, received some nice cards over the week and well check it out and PLMK if you need anything.
  16. ossu

    Bucket update

    Hi, just made a little update on my bucket so take a look;)
  17. ossu

    Big Bucket Update

    Just made a big bucket update. PLMK if you found anything.
  18. ossu

    Bucket FT/FS

    Just updated my bucket.
  19. ossu

    2010/11 Panini Classics Video Break

    MY 1st video break. Sorry for the foreign language. I opened 2 blaster packs of North Carolina first and i got that Jordan.
  20. ossu

    Want to make some deals

    Want to make some deals, so please CMB and PLMK.
  21. ossu

    Decided to pop the big question.

    Well i decided to pop the big question and will search for the engagement ring. So i need extra money and decided to put my cards FS. PCMB and PLMK
  22. ossu

    Completed ossu/matty83

    I will get: Reggie Miller AU Sebastian Telfair Exquisite Jumbo Jersey He will get: PP $$$
  23. ossu

    Some breaks

    Cause it's my birthday decided to breaka box of 06/07 SP Authentic. Nothing special. Base Set + some duplicates. Rookie Authentics Thabo Sefolosha 545/999 Walt Frazier Authentic Fabrics and Rookie Authentics Dee Brown REDEPTION !!! I guess UD don't redeem these anymore cause of that...
  24. ossu

    Bucket FT

    Haven't traded here for a long time. So My bucket is up fpr trade and also for sale if the price is right.
  25. ossu

    Let's trade

    Well it's been a while when i traded here. PLMK what you see in my bucket. Will trade anything.
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