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  1. MikeK

    2022 TLA NRL Elite Official Thread

    For anyone interested, I've done up some rough numbers regarding inserts and serial numbered hits, etc. See below. Priority assumes 1 x YG White and 2 x Dally M per box which seems the most likely and I've seen other echo this thought however, this is absolutely NOT confirmed. Similarly, the...
  2. MikeK

    Folders & Common Base Sets

    PM sent
  3. MikeK

    A few Retirements wanted

    Missing a few Retirements: 2019 Traders “2018 Retirements”: 4 Slater, 7 Thurston 2016 Traders “2015 Retirements”: 16 Hunt, 18 Galloway Retirements for Trade: 2022 Traders “2021 Retirements”: 3 Hopoate, 7 Green, 10 Ferguson, 13 Cordner, 14 Friend, 18 Packer 2021 Traders “2020 Retirements”: 2...
  4. MikeK

    Completed MikeK and Peter

    MikeK sends 10 x 1974 Scanlens RL cards as agreed via Reg Post. Peter sends PayPal $$ Mike agrees
  5. MikeK

    2022 TLA NRL Elite Official Thread

    Hopefully it's Fittler, the most capped Cockroach, still relevant to today's game with coaching (so younger fans will at least know someone from an earlier period) and played for 2 clubs in Aus, including a certain someones' Panthers.
  6. MikeK

    Player In Focus cards 2022

    Agreed. Absolutely love them this year. The background isn't deliberately blurry, it's just out of focus because of the player that is IN focus (PIF). The pics totally compliment the concept - finally! Next step would be a kick-a** retro set. 1 logo/checklist card. 13 players per team with the...
  7. MikeK

    Un opened boxes ????

    I'd be interested in Manly, subject to price.
  8. MikeK

    Player In Focus cards 2022

    Round 13 was Manlys' Haumole Olakau'atu. I didn't save the pic. Round 14 - well done Bulldogs!
  9. MikeK

    2022 TLA NRL Elite Official Thread

    The Rubies really popped with the first couple of releases when they were a gloss finish. The current matt finish just does not suit them but I'm guessing it's cheaper so that's what we get. The sell sheet will certainly be good to see early on. Hopefully there are no nasty surprises with the...
  10. MikeK

    Player In Focus cards 2022

    AJ it was:
  11. MikeK

    EBay Seller of the Month

    Regardless of the sellers' ethics, it tells you where the price of a Mal Legend is currently at - sub $700. ET has been sub $500 for weeks.
  12. MikeK

    Player In Focus cards 2022

    From past experience and noting card numbers when they are flipped on eBay, certain people always seem to have low numbers, sometimes despite me ordering as soon as possible. I originally read that it was first in best dressed but personally, I think there must be some sort of "standing order"...
  13. MikeK

    Player In Focus cards 2022

    Well at least yet another poor Manly performance hasn't been immortalised! Reynolds should have had the PIF 2 weeks in a row!
  14. MikeK

    Rugby league cards wanted !!!!!

  15. MikeK

    Player In Focus cards 2022

    Hopefully someone points that out to TLA before the card goes into print! Probably the only way Manly will get a win against a good team they way they are playing.
  16. MikeK

    TLA Traders 2022 Official Thread

    It should be the same as on their redemption cards: Lachlan will probably reply using his personal TLA e-mail address.
  17. MikeK

    Player In Focus cards 2022

    Who was the PIF this week?
  18. MikeK

    2022 Player In Focus Nico Hynes
  19. MikeK

    2022 Player In Focus Nico Hynes

    I saw a couple on eBay today - $40 each though.
  20. MikeK

    For Sale/For Trade Elite 2021-2013, Traders 2022-2013, 2021-2012 Special Editions, plus various Select, Dynamic, Regina and Scanlens

    Back for a while. A few numbered 2022 Traders added. Other inserts and Best and Less Special Edition will be added over the next few days.
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