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  1. sharkies4eva

    1997 Signed Super League Grand Final Ball

    Hi everyone Haven't posted anything on here for a while so I thought I would share this. Got this last year off my partner's boss, was very stoked as I don't have anything like this in my collection and even though we lost the game, I really like this piece. Just wondering if anyone might know...
  2. sharkies4eva

    For Sale/For Trade 2019 Traders

    Got the following to trade for Sharks equivalents if you have any or happy just to trade for any equivalent card. Also for sale McCullough Red Startoon $7 Taylor Last Line of Defence $7 Gutherson, Rapana, Blair Green Startoon $3 Glasby, Hess, J. Trbojevic State of Origin $2 Abbey, Radley...
  3. sharkies4eva

    10 packs of Tap n Play

    Busted 10 packs of cricket cards today. Dave Warner strike batsman Tim Paine superstar Silvers - Glenn Maxwell (stars), Aiden Blizzard (thunder), Nathan Lyon (sixers), Ben Laughlin (strikers), Chris Rogers (test), Alex blackwell (southern stars), george Bailey (hurricanes) Gold - Alex Doolan...
  4. sharkies4eva

    Please delete, found one

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone may have a spare one of these, I have a spare Mitchell Johnson to swap Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  5. sharkies4eva

    Completed 3bet and sharkies4eva

    3bat gets 2014 Traders roosters heritage, PS133, PS108, PS139, PS134 sharkies4eva gets Gibbs Master & Apprentice sharkies4eva agrees
  6. sharkies4eva

    Wanted Paul Gallen Galactic Cards

    Hi Just after the Paul Gallen Galactic cards, have a Greg Bird to swap if required Thanks in advance Curtis
  7. sharkies4eva

    ACA Masters game at Casino earlier this year - signed items (scan heavy)

    Managed to get to the Masters game at Casino earlier this year to see some past greats in action. Terry Alderman was meant to be there but pulled out, he was replaced by Wayne Holdsworth. Other players involved were Monty Panesar, Matthew Mott, Tim Nielsen, Greg Matthews, Greg Blewett, Michael...
  8. sharkies4eva

    Adam Gilchrist signed items

    Hi all Adam Gilchrist held a book signing for his new book a couple of months back in Lismore. Unfortunately I had to work but the missus and kids were kind enough to hang around and have a chat and get some things signed. Enjoy.
  9. sharkies4eva

    Johnny Mayes and Russell Fairfax

    A good mate of mine managed to get my Johnny Mayes cards signed for me and Johnny was kind enough to mail a logo card to Russell Fairfax for signing as well. Thanks for looking.
  10. sharkies4eva

    Kevin Junee Signed Cards

    I have been collecting a few Kevin Junee cards to get signed and here are the results. Kevin is a fantastic guy, a real gentleman and always up for a chat about footy. Thanks for looking.
  11. sharkies4eva

    For Trade Reece Robinson Close the Gap

    Hi All Have a Reece Robinson Close the Gap, want to swap it for a Thurston Close the Gap if anyone is interested Cheers and thanks for looking Curtis
  12. sharkies4eva

    Wanted: Various ESP Sharks cards

    Hi All Just looking for these few to finish up a couple of sets. 2013 Traders Silver parallels Need 122 Carney, 124 Fifita, 125 Gallen, 126 Gardner, 128 Graham, 129 Morris 2014 Traders Return to Sender Need Beau Ryan Black Parallels Need Feki, Ryan Thanks for looking
  13. sharkies4eva

    For Sale/For Trade P&P, M&A, WCH

    Hi all Have the following for sale or will trade for sharks equivalents Pride and Passion - Tilse, King $3 Master and Apprentice - Nofoaluma $5 World Cup Heroes - Corey Parker $15 Gold Parallells 1, 11, 52, 122, 128 $1.50 Silver Parallels 1, 11, 31, 34, 40, 47, 50, 63 (x2), 76, 77, 80, 87...
  14. sharkies4eva

    10 packs of 2014 Elite Traders

    Did a bit of a run around town this morning to check which newsagents had stock. Picked up 10 packs on my rounds and very happy with results. All are for sale Pride and Passion - Uate, Tilse, Brett Morris, Shaun Johnson $4 Master and Apprentice - Nofoaluma $8 Young Gun Signature - David...
  15. sharkies4eva

    For Sale/For Trade Ken Sio Return to Sender

    Hi all Have a spare Ken Sio return to sender, wanting to trade it for a Beau Ryan Return to Sender. Have Ben creagh and tony williams black parallels, wanting to trade for Feki or Beau Ryan black parallels Also have Jake Friend heritage ($3), kevin kingston chart topper ($3) for sale Thanks...
  16. sharkies4eva

    Anyone know the story of this and what it's worth?

    Hi all Picked this up and was wondering what the story is behind it and how much its worth? Cheers and thanks in advance Curtis
  17. sharkies4eva

    delete please question answered

    Hi all Just need an ID on this signature, think it is probably an ex-Knights player Thanks in advance and have a great weekend Curtis
  18. sharkies4eva

    Wanted - 1 common for 1995 Futera

    Hi All Just after the following common Futera 1995 - 14 Michael Bevan Will trade and buy Thanks in advance Curtis
  19. sharkies4eva

    Completed Broncos79 and sharkies4eva

    Broncos79 gets 2013 ESP Traders Premiership Cards 5, 6, 10 and 11 sharkies4eva gets bank deposit $$ sharkies4eva agrees
  20. sharkies4eva

    SOLD/TRADED gone

    Hi all Up for sale, Hoyts $30 movie card, expiry date 3/15, will sell for $25 free postage Cheers Curtis
  21. sharkies4eva

    For Sale/For Trade 1969 Scanlens Rugby League

    Hi All Have some spare 1969 Scanlens that may look better in someone else's collection. All are in excellent condition, very minor feathering or cornering if any. Looking to trade for Sharks ones. Also, will sell for the right price. Cards I have are Joe Annesley 14, Tom Melville 30 - Newtown...
  22. sharkies4eva

    Completed j0hn and sharkies4eva

    j0hn gets Jake Friend parallel black sharkies4eva gets lewis and graham normal parallels sharkies4eva agrees
  23. sharkies4eva

    Completed Richyrich1988 and sharkies4eva

    Richierich1988 gets Jamal Idris Close the Gap sharkies4eva gets Andrew Fifita Close the Gap sharkies4eva agrees
  24. sharkies4eva

    Completed batboy and sharkies4eva

    batboy gets Nofoaluma Return to Sender sharkies4eva gets Feki Return to Sender sharkies4eva agrees
  25. sharkies4eva

    For Sale/For Trade 2014 Traders

    Hi All Have the following cards for sale Red = pending John Sutton, Jarrod Croker, Milestones $3 each Josh Hoffman Broncos magic Moments $2 P4, P5, P7, P23, P29, P34, P41, P42, P46, P53, P57, P71, P75, P76, P78, P84, P88, P92, P93, P97, P100, P103, P122, P133,P144, P145, P147...
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