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  1. Rogerbid23

    2018 UD Supreme Hard Court Case

    Huge congrats on the LBJ mojo!!
  2. Rogerbid23

    2017-18 Encased +1+ Ascension+Chronicles

    Solid break on both boxes, noice AD auto!
  3. Rogerbid23

    Crazy CK Box

    Mojo's box, noice!
  4. Rogerbid23

    Leaf Best of Basketball 6 Case Recap plus 3 box Hit Parade Jersey

    Pretty sick break, the Rose all star auto jersey was my pick. (But MJ auto was sweet too)
  5. Rogerbid23

    Busting these tomorrow!

    Mojo to you!
  6. Rogerbid23

    dannybuoy's super epic 12 BOX MEGA BREAK

    Great Curry auto mojo.
  7. Rogerbid23

    More Boxes of 13-14 Crusade

    Sweet Dr J mojo!
  8. Rogerbid23

    results and pics up for my 13/14 retro case...some nice mjs....

    Look like plenty of fun to break the case. Interesting on the MJ metal and the Exclamation Points. Please PM the price. cheers
  9. Rogerbid23

    2 cases immac

    Sweet parker 1/1 with auto~
  10. Rogerbid23

    Dandy Breaks: 13-14 Retro

    Nice PMG and Jordan insert and rubies mojo~
  11. Rogerbid23

    Select packs - MOJO!!!!

    Congrats on the No1 rookie auto mojo!!
  12. Rogerbid23

    Another double box - My biggest pull (plus cards also)

    well done on the KB auto mojo!
  13. Rogerbid23

    box busting fun and the Beckett

    Nice Curry auto/gu! and MJ!
  14. Rogerbid23

    bunch of boxes

    great 1/1, look like you had plenty of fun break
  15. Rogerbid23

    13/14 Fleer Retro MOJO

    Great MJ ruby, love your box break good fun!
  16. Rogerbid23

    1 x 2013-14 Panini Select

    You did much better than my first Panini box, i only got a Kenny Skywalker auto and Tim Hadardrway JR auto :p. Congrat on the Magic Mojo!
  17. Rogerbid23

    1 x 13-14 Prizm

    19th Pack OJ Mayo L Sanders G Hill M Plumlee Timmy D G Mekel RC Prizm 20th Pack R Rondo J Lin V Carter J Smith W Chamberlain G Payton Nothing huge but fun break.
  18. Rogerbid23

    1 x 13-14 Prizm

    17th Pack D Green K Love G Biyomgo S Curry K A Jabbar Timmy D Jr Auto no number 18th Pack B Bass J Sullinger T Ross Magic N Wolters Hall Monitors: P Maravich
  19. Rogerbid23

    1 x 13-14 Prizm

    15th Pack A Iguidala L Stephenson J Terry C Copeland T Mitchell R Harper Prizm 16th Pack M Morris J Johnson T Harris R Fox C Mullin Hall Monitors: B Walton
  20. Rogerbid23

    1 x 13-14 Prizm

    Thanks mate :)
  21. Rogerbid23

    1 x 13-14 Prizm

    13th Pack J Teague A Miller I Shumpert D Robinson J Kidd Prizm 14th Pack K Martin E Turner G Davis M Harkless K C Pope Mailman
  22. Rogerbid23

    1 x 13-14 Prizm

    11th Pack J Wall T Ariza Manu A Varejao S Hill Rice 12 Pack R Felton N Robinson A Blatche M Camby P Marvich B Russell
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