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  1. xavierty

    In Progress pete23nba & xavierty

    Agreed mate sweet
  2. xavierty

    lf all kevin love timberwolves patchs and nikola pekovic

    as title stays show me what u got or pm me pics and prices thanks.
  3. xavierty

    Moses Malone PC

    sorry my tablet didnt load that part thanks anyway
  4. xavierty

    Moses Malone PC

    are these in australian dollars? thanks
  5. xavierty

    looking for all keve love and nikola pekovic patches and short prints

    hi guy if you have any at all let me no cheers
  6. xavierty

    some stunning cards on ebay come have a bid......

    hi guys first post here in a long time, i have some cards on ebay needing a new how. if you win any bids let me no and i will add free post! thanks for looking .
  7. xavierty

    Completed lj57 and xavierty

    lj57 gets paypal and xavierty gets 2 nameplte patches all agrreed mate?
  8. xavierty

    NBA Sale Thread - Mid/High End - Updated 28/5/16

    hi mate wats the num of the marion prime? thanks
  9. xavierty


    is it numbered mate?
  10. xavierty

    COMC Mailbox Thread

    29 days and counting
  11. xavierty

    The Official Minnesota Timberwolves Thread - game spoilers!

    go the twolves 2 wins is nice and 3 would be alot better just good to see u guy back on the hardwood
  12. xavierty

    Huge fleer collection coming up for sale

    in fleer sets they did but still have to be carefull, theres i few way to tell wat is real v fake
  13. xavierty

    Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7... Cards?

    will be here tomorrow this thread
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