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  1. xavierty

    lf all kevin love timberwolves patchs and nikola pekovic

    as title stays show me what u got or pm me pics and prices thanks.
  2. xavierty

    looking for all keve love and nikola pekovic patches and short prints

    hi guy if you have any at all let me no cheers
  3. xavierty

    some stunning cards on ebay come have a bid......

    hi guys first post here in a long time, i have some cards on ebay needing a new how. if you win any bids let me no and i will add free post! thanks for looking .
  4. xavierty

    Completed lj57 and xavierty

    lj57 gets paypal and xavierty gets 2 nameplte patches all agrreed mate?
  5. xavierty

    steve nash sick on card auto suns

    for sale feel free to make offer, not real sure on price. but open to offers
  6. xavierty

    paypal dispute open after 3 week help please...

    hi guys i have a problem i have had a paypal case opened on me and dont no what to do.... i sent a card out to germany around 3 weeks ago and already have a case opened agianst me. now as some rual peolpe no counrty mail can be extremly slow and how is it possinle that it can be aloud to to...
  7. xavierty

    one card mailday..... but all about the love

    picked up this sick /10 version to go with the gold /5 love this set ..
  8. xavierty

    k love buyback home safe to its pack..

    just the one auto but dam love these buyback....
  9. xavierty

    Completed xavierty and The - Admiral-50

    xavierty get $$ and The-Admiral-50 get bird auto all agreed mate?
  10. xavierty

    2 months of sweet top of the range pc autos buyback style

    hi guys cant get enough of these buyback autos love em all! if u have any k loves let me no thanks for looking kristan k.
  11. xavierty

    bird,wilt , camby, patch booklet

    hi guys want to sell these fast..... all prices include postage booklet patch $25 wilt $12 camby patch $10 larry bird auto $50 camby legacy /100 $50 ono willnbe posting more over weekend thanks for looking.
  12. xavierty

    Completed TheCardMan and xavierty

    TheCardMan gets K Leonard auto and xavierty get $$ Agreed mat?
  13. xavierty

    new cards want gone more to come

    few cards up for trade/sale will be puttining up latter on the klay/thomas is /99
  14. xavierty

    advice? thinking about giving up most of my chandler pc....?

    hi guys looking for some advice, as you no i collect many patch sets and pc k love , t chandler and pekovic. as time has passed i thinking about giving up most of chandler pc and focus more on k love and other hobbys....any advice would be great thanks kris
  15. xavierty

    fs or trade preferred booklet mutombo,D Rob,hakeem,camby.

    for trade or sale , chasing k love, pekovic or paypal..
  16. xavierty

    Completed xavierty and lj57

    xavierty get 2 nameplates and lj57 get paypal agreed mate?
  17. xavierty

    For Sale selling all afl

    first up are these 2 . just want to sell.... will post more pics later, mostly insetrs from the 90s.
  18. xavierty

    LF All Tyson Chandler totally certified

    Hi guy if you have any tyson chandler certified from any year let me no . 1/1s /5,/10/and /25 pm works best thanks
  19. xavierty

    next card show in vic?

    can anyone tell me the when and were for the next card show in vic? cheers
  20. xavierty

    mailday part one, brilliance it is pc

    just love this set, as my fleer platinum name plate has slown down i picked up thos as a new pc set . They are pretty hard to find and most of them are stunning in hand. over the next few days i will be posting all the mail i got in the last few months,mhope u enjoy kris and my main man timba.
  21. xavierty

    giving ozcardtrader a break for a while

    hi guys as you no i love my basketball cards ever since 1984....... over the last few weeks ive had enough of a few things on here that have made me , well want to give it all up and stop collecting altogether. and thought its best to take a brake and from here and gather my thoughts . i was...
  22. xavierty

    who can i report to for being abussed by member

    hi can some one please point me in the right direction in who to talk to after being abussed by member thanks.
  23. xavierty

    finally , certified + green = love

    hi guys this is just a nice one card before my biggest fleer platinum mail day of all time, i put a best offer on this and cant belive i got it, all i need now is the 1/1 off ebay .......thanks for looking and if you have any k love vcards let me no thanks .
  24. xavierty

    what sort of price would u put on this oct members?

    hi guys just wanting to see whet you would value this at? its the shorten version to /50 thanks kristan.
  25. xavierty

    my best k love auto ever.....

    hi guyd thanks to my wife and aj i got this for xmas, by far the nicest on card auto set ive ever seen, this k love is to /5 , just stunning , cant stop lookinv at it. thanks for looking and merry xmas to all.
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