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  1. Rogerbid23

    What's the best cards in Australia?

    Chipping my small part for OCT awesome members PC.
  2. Rogerbid23

    How fast is your internet?

    Here is my..
  3. Rogerbid23

    Merry Christmas

    A late Merry Xmas to OCT communicative! Have a wonderful and safe holiday!
  4. Rogerbid23

    Won't be around for a while...

    Enjoy the US trip mate, don't forget to take some game photo to show off also make OCT ppl drooling.. :lol:
  5. Rogerbid23

    MandC Perth in Hospital!

    Wish him fully recover soon!!!
  6. Rogerbid23

    Starting a new job Monday!!!

    Good luck matey, hope you get free trip to US for NBA or the National card show ^^
  7. Rogerbid23


    i think he is been ban for life~~
  8. Rogerbid23

    My Saddest day - Thanks for all the support

    Re: My Saddest day Sorry for the sad news, hope you can recover from it. My thoughts go out with you.
  9. Rogerbid23

    Funny Box ya favourites!

    LOL OMG how many freank did he used? that last part was the best!!! Mu-lit O####ize thats like 18+.... oh i have tear in my eye. Maso you completed my Friday night! !!!
  10. Rogerbid23

    Funny Box ya favourites!

    Oh My God... Silence and pull out of the mojo.... base card...
  11. Rogerbid23

    My trip to the National - photos added

    Re: My trip to the National Have a great one, please take some awesome photo to make us jealous. Cheers!
  12. Rogerbid23

    steve is back to collecting

    welcome back mate!!
  13. Rogerbid23

    Has anyone noticed...

    Have a great one, happy birthday mate!
  14. Rogerbid23

    2011 your collecting goals?

    Hey, hit me your list on UD93-94 i got plenty base can mail to you. cheers
  15. Rogerbid23

    Happy Birthday Gary (Westriot)!!!

    Happy Birthday turning 30, go girl!!
  16. Rogerbid23

    Happy Birthday Shawn Bradley Fan

    Happy Birthday mate (matt)!
  17. Rogerbid23

    happy bday infestacide

    Happy Birthday mate!!
  18. Rogerbid23

    Happy Birthday to me LOL

    Happy Birthday champ!!
  19. Rogerbid23

    Think someone's a bit delicate...?

    thanks for the warning, looks interesting to see what it will lead to.. but it just collecting card anyway its not big deal of.
  20. Rogerbid23

    My trip to the National - Day 2

    Re: My trip to the National Just sooo envy you can be national, maybe one day i will be there!! :razz: Thanks for sharing!!
  21. Rogerbid23

    Anybody read or collect comics?

    Im a fan of spawn comic, not a popular one but love the story line and the drawing. Missing a few issues between 130-140, otherwise got most of it.
  22. Rogerbid23

    30% off Footlocker - 4 DAYS ONLY

    Thanks for the inform, cheers!!
  23. Rogerbid23

    Happy Birthday Lippo!!

    Wish you have a great one mate!! :wave:
  24. Rogerbid23

    Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome verse1 to the 7,000 post club!!

    +1, lots typing and though put into. :razz:
  25. Rogerbid23

    Dog **** in mail from seller on ebay !!!!!!!!!!

    im amaze this thread still going... everyone just in here just enjoy talking shrza :lol:
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