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  1. Wheeldude

    Back!!!.........For a Limited Time Only!!!

    I'm on a break again...if you still see me lurking around it's because I'm tying up loose ends...and sometimes I get sidetracked whilst doing that.
  2. Wheeldude

    Back!!!.........For a Limited Time Only!!!

    The time has finally but sadly come for me to go back into hibernation. It's been an awesome month back, did 18 great deals, 6 still In Progress, completed both of this year's Champions base sets and made some great new trading friends. Even though I'm leaving I'll still complete all of my...
  3. Wheeldude

    Back!!!.........For a Limited Time Only!!!

    Cheers all, great to be back, hopefully I'm able to let go again when uni resumes... Cheers Darren, got him though...only need two more of the 2010 Champions Revelation Gems...Dayne Beams and Daniel Jackson...been bugging me for ages!!!
  4. Wheeldude

    Back!!!.........For a Limited Time Only!!!

    Hi all, About to do my first deal here so I thought I should make one of these first to get to know you all a little better. I'd been lurking around for a few weeks but now things are getting serious I thought one of these were in order. Now I'm not a new member specifically but after...
  5. Wheeldude

    New member from Indonesia

    Welcome to the site mate, it's great to see so many internationals here.
  6. Wheeldude

    Hey Guys

    Welcome Will, love it when people collect a bit of everything.
  7. Wheeldude

    hi to all.

    Welcome Rod, hope to see you around the AFL boards.
  8. Wheeldude

    Futera Jersey cARD cOLLECTOR

    Welcome Stefano, hope you find that card.
  9. Wheeldude


    Welcome Ken. By Tigers do you mean Richmond Tigers, Wests Tigers, PKF Tigers or Melbourne Tigers?
  10. Wheeldude


    Welcome Cody, heaps of Non-Sport Traders here too so have fun.
  11. Wheeldude


    Welcome Kevin, I'm open to giving people a second chance so I hope things work out for you on this site.
  12. Wheeldude


    Welcome back to the club Lee, hope you can complete the sets you're chasing.
  13. Wheeldude


    Welcome mate, I promise you'll have heaps of fun here.
  14. Wheeldude

    NBA GU and AU's + celebrity + intoduction

    Welcome Matt, seems like you're an all-rounder. Well done on you recent AFL busts, I'm super jealous. Look forward to seeing you in the AFL forum.
  15. Wheeldude


    Welcome aboard Nigel, hope the great people here can help you out with your needs.
  16. Wheeldude

    nba collector

    Welcome Jeremy, hope someone can help you out.
  17. Wheeldude

    New Member

    Welcome Jeff, NRL Strike came out on Monday. Good luck if you buy some.
  18. Wheeldude

    Hey all, Im a NBA card collector

    Welcome Shane, hope you have fun here.
  19. Wheeldude

    Gday everyone!

    Welcome to the site mate, heaps of people can help you out here for sure. Have fun!
  20. Wheeldude

    Hello all

    Welcome guys, hope you and the kids have fun trading with the nice people on here. Just one thing...HANDS OFF BRENDON GODDARD!!!
  21. Wheeldude

    Hi All,

    Welcome Sasha, hope you have some fun here.
  22. Wheeldude


    Welcome Darren, good luck completing those sets.
  23. Wheeldude

    Back In The Game... And On The Way Out

    Welcome Ray, hope you have fun here.
  24. Wheeldude

    New to the Game!

    Welcome to the site Lewis, here at OCT we're one big happy family so I hope we can help you with your hobby.
  25. Wheeldude

    Another Newb

    Mainly looking for Select 2009/10 Gems and Weetbix sets in particular.
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