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  1. Wheeldude

    A big thank you to Select (scan a bit heavy)

    Get him to PM me, got exams coming up so a bit busy.
  2. Wheeldude

    A big thank you to Select (scan a bit heavy)

    I know I'm on my break but I recently sent an email to Select asking for the replacement Brendon Goddard Force Five Foil Signature Card and I thought whilst I was at it I'd ask for the AFL/NRL/A-League promo card sets I still didn't have. Unfortunately they sent me the same stuff as they sent...
  3. Wheeldude

    Richmond vs Gold Coast (Spoiler Alert)

    A bit harsh but well done to them.
  4. Wheeldude

    The thing that Judd did

    That was a crap thing to do but if Adams for him to be let off then I'm happy to see him let off too. Without Adams' input I would've given him a week. I reckon victims should have a say on a player's suspension, just an idea.
  5. Wheeldude

    Pure insanity!

    Whoever buys that isn't a real card collector (hope no one here is bidding). If that's good condition I'd hate to see what poor condition looks like...
  6. Wheeldude

    2012 Select Eternity Series 2.

    Not much for the Sainters...:( I think NRL Dynasty looks better to be honest... Happy for a Ryan Lester base card though...
  7. Wheeldude

    Idea for a Card Community Charity Project

    So I just busted 22 packs of 2012 AFL Champions and got heaps of doubles, triples and even quads which got me thinking...what can I do with all my spares? I know I'm never going to sell or trade them all so what could I do with the excess? Now I know some kind traders are donating their spares...
  8. Wheeldude

    Why do people hate Alan Didak?

    I haven't read the earlier posts so if I repeat another's views I'm sorry... 1. He's from Collingwood. 2. His off-field indisgressions. 3. He's Collingwood's version of Stephen Milne. Only Pie fans love Didak and only Saints fans love Milney.
  9. Wheeldude

    Heath Shaw caught betting!

    I met Heath Shaw when I was in hospital. He'll never learn, he should've been sacked after the Didak incident. Lucky he's from Collingwood I guess and has Eddie to protect him. Gambling in the game is just cheating and I applaud the fact that action has been taken but it's just too lenient in...
  10. Wheeldude

    Football Cigarette Cards

    Can't help you there Nigel but they look really nice.
  11. Wheeldude

    is it worth it?

    I'd say neither if they're loose packs and not the entire sealed box. You might not get the right amount of golds and silvers.
  12. Wheeldude

    2011 Select Infinity!

    Agree with those observations. The B&F just look like shiny commons. Awkward...
  13. Wheeldude

    2011 Select Infinity!

    Ouch, any chance of a scan.
  14. Wheeldude

    2011 Select Infinity!

    That sucks Adam, hope you find a redemption to make up for it. These are up on eBay... AA: BRENDON GODDARD - ALL AUSTRALIAN 2010 | eBay B&F: LENNY HAYES - BEST AND FAIREST 2010 | eBay Medal Card: DANIEL HANNEBERY - 2010 NAB RISING STAR | eBay DPS: LUCAS COOK - DRAFT PICK SIGNATURE 2010...
  15. Wheeldude

    sad sad news, alan jeans dead at 77

    Saints Hero...RIP Yabby... Doc and Yabby in one year, c'mon Sainters let's blitz our way to the finals.
  16. Wheeldude

    Hawks Premiership Sets Information Please?

    The 2005 was a 1:72 hit and the 2008 was a 1:36 hit.
  17. Wheeldude

    Schoenmakers memorabilia

    There must be heaps of those around...that's a cool looking frame!!!
  18. Wheeldude

    2011 Select Infinity!

    Didn't we get one back in 2003...
  19. Wheeldude

    2011 Select Infinity!

    1 Team Set + Ryan Lester 2 All-Australians 1 Best and Fairest 2 Draft Rookies + Ryan Lester 1 DPS 1 Medal Card and if I'm lucky or find a spare $1000... 1 Signature Redemption (Although seeing Pendlebury on it makes me puke...) Overall this release won't be cheap for me but at...
  20. Wheeldude

    Something for the Hawks fans

    Awesome, how's the patch look?
  21. Wheeldude

    Something for the Hawks fans

    Lure him in for a coffee, lock the door and then inspect each and every card before he leaves. If you find a bung card you can show him so at least you'll be making a direct complaint instead of over the phone or via email. Now some people may consider that to be kidnapping but I call it...
  22. Wheeldude

    Fremantle Dockers gear. Possibly Dean Solomon player kit

    You never know what you can find in shops like that, one's trash is another's treasure. Well done.
  23. Wheeldude

    Something for the Hawks fans

    Sucks to hear about the blemishes but they definately look awesome.
  24. Wheeldude

    prize card!

    Wrong section of the forum but that's a nice looking card.
  25. Wheeldude

    Fremantle Dockers gear. Possibly Dean Solomon player kit

    Must reek!!! What a lucky find. So you just found them in a random shop. I thought they only sold player used stuff in the team shops.
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