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  1. Wheeldude

    4 packs of infinity INSANE MOJO

    Holy Crap!!! Well done Nadi!!!
  2. Wheeldude

    2010 herald sun

    As the Herald Sun Insert collector I don't have a single one...saw one being busted right before my eyes which broke my heart...Chris Judd 2010...:cry: Wish they bought the inserts back...the last 2 years have been a joke with the 3D rubbish and the special cards. Part of me didn't want to...
  3. Wheeldude

    2010 herald sun

    Nah that was the first year for the foil packs.
  4. Wheeldude

    2010 herald sun

    Bad luck Steve... How much did you spend on them?
  5. Wheeldude

    10x Select Infinity 2011, 2x 2007 Select Supreme, 1x 2006 Select, Ix North Carolina packs

    Well done Sam, would have loved to have pulled that Tom Ledger and Lenny Hayes!!!
  6. Wheeldude

    2 packs of select prestige

    Some people have all the luck...
  7. Wheeldude

    8 Packs from cardzone Nice hit.

    Nice work Cody!!! Nicky Dal :)
  8. Wheeldude

    2005 dynasty case break 5-7-12

    Great work Jason!!!
  9. Wheeldude

    6 packs! Great hits! Select2012! 1pack of teamcoach!

    Well done Bradley!!! Couldn't have done much better than that, wish I had your luck.
  10. Wheeldude

    big box break session coming up friday

    Nice work mate, what a case!!!
  11. Wheeldude

    big box break session coming up friday

    Don't know what it is but congratulations mate!!!
  12. Wheeldude

    big box break session coming up friday

    MOJO to you Jason!!!
  13. Wheeldude

    22 Packs of 2012 Select Champions

    Busted 22 packs which I bought from 3 different places and 2 came with the album. Love the design of the base cards this year, they are of a Series 2 standard which I much prefer over past Series 1 designs. The Club Trios look awesome in my opinion although I've heard some people hate them...
  14. Wheeldude

    first infinity box break

    What a box mate, well done!!!
  15. Wheeldude

    2 packs Infinity

    Busted the odds there mate. Should've got the other Draft Rookie in the box it would've been Saint Tom Ledger.
  16. Wheeldude

    Caseshare Infinity Box Results

    GREAT BOX MATE. Well done on the Premiership Commemorative Card. But that DPS...:kick:
  17. Wheeldude

    5 packs of infinity (GOOOD PULL)

    Those aren't good pulls mate, they're GREAT PULLS!!! Well done mate. Where in Victoria did you get them from?
  18. Wheeldude

    10 Packs of 2011 Select Infinity

    That sucks mate, better luck next time I guess.
  19. Wheeldude

    Busting Open a Case of 2011 AFL Infinity - ( You Tube Series )

    Good luck to everyone who's entered. Can't wait!!!
  20. Wheeldude

    Infinity live now

    Well done mate, a great DPS to hit.
  21. Wheeldude

    Boxes from the case share

    Well done Troy, 2 great DPSs and a redemption. Well done mate.
  22. Wheeldude

    Busting Open a Case of 2011 AFL Infinity - ( You Tube Series )

    Well done on Box 15 Peter, can't wait to see how the cards it redeems looks at the end of the year. Thanks for over 2 weeks of enjoyable viewing. Good luck for the sales and auctions. Hope I can find some Saints bargains.
  23. Wheeldude

    Busting Open a Case of 2011 AFL Infinity - ( You Tube Series )

    WOW well done mate, definately the best two redemptions to bust.
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