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  1. jimboner

    AFL Mint (NFTs)

    What do we think about the AFL's NFT platform announced today? I'm fairly indifferent/skeptical of the NFT movement, but would be interested in other people's opinions.
  2. jimboner

    ebay Payment Dispute

    Hey Everyone, So I sold a card on ebay with standard post (low end card). Send it off, buyer leaves positive feedback, I leave positive feedback, a week or so late they file a payment dispute with their bank. It appears I have 2 options, add tracking or accept the dispute. Anyone else have...
  3. jimboner

    Low End 2021 Origin, 2021 Legacy, 2021 Score, 2020 Select

    Got a range of cards from these sets I'm looking to shift. $4 reg postage, $8 tracked, happy to comp postage for orders over $50. I also have around 200 base and low end inserts from these series. If you're after a player or bundling up a team lot let me know and we can make a nice deal. $15...
  4. jimboner

    Completed jimboner and North_Melbourne91

    @jimboner receives paypal cash @North_Melbourne91 receives Eddie Ford Supremacy Rookie 09/85 Aggreed @North_Melbourne91 ?
  5. jimboner

    Completed jimboner & Oz Dunker

    Jimboner receives PayPal $ Oz Dunker receives Blake Coleman Platinum DPS 22/40 Like to agree @Oz Dunker
  6. jimboner

    In Progress jimboner & drama5

    Jimboner receives PayPay $ Drama5 receives Elijah Hollands Copper DPS 31/170 Agreed, @drama5 ?
  7. jimboner

    In Progress jimboner/Zac-PAFC

    Jimboner gets PayPal $ @Zac-PAFC gets Ollie Lord Gold DPS 78/85 @Zac-PAFC Agreed?
  8. jimboner

    In Progress jimboner/Shaunao1983

    Jimboner gets PayPal $ @Shaunao1983 gets Braeden Campbell Gold DPS 55/85
  9. jimboner

    Completed jimboner/

    Jimboner gets PayPal $ gets Zach Merrett Optimum+ Parallel 23/115 Agreed ?
  10. jimboner

    Completed jimboner/Ashb23

    jimboner gets PayPay $ Ashb23 gets Gryan Miers Specialist 43/80 Agreed @Ashb23 ?
  11. jimboner

    In Progress jimboner/meinmiddle

    Jimboner gets PayPal $ meinmiddle gets Joel Selwood Optimum+ Parallel 89/115 Agreed @meinmiddle ?
  12. jimboner

    Completed jimboner/old-timers

    Jimboner receives PayPal $ old-timers receives Jamie Elliott Optimum+ Parallel 46/115 Agreed @old-timers ?
  13. jimboner

    In Progress jimboner/Shaunao1983

    Jimboner receives: PayPal $ Shaunao1983 receives: Optimum+ Parallel RCs (x4): Lachlan Jones (73), Matthew Allison (99), Nick Stevens (14) & Max Holmes (32) Agreed @Shaunao1983
  14. jimboner

    In Progress jimboner/JoshNewman21

    Jimboner receives: PayPal $ JoshNewman21 receives: Braeden Campbell 99/170 Charlie Lazzaro 140/170 Will Phillips 106/170 Tom Powell 58/170 Braeden Campbell /115 Errol Gulden /115 Agreed @JoshNewman21
  15. jimboner

    For Sale/For Trade Jimboner's Footy Card Showroom (revised 1/5, Bailey Smith Virtuoso Sig)

    Welcome. Have a look round see if there's anything that catches your eye. Postage is via bubble mailer ($8 registered, $4 standard). Naturally combined postage. FREE postage for deals over $100. Cards will be secured between cardboard with painter's tape (cards are all sleeved, high end cards...
  16. jimboner

    For Sale Select 2021 Sale

    If you want any more information on any of these cards, hit me up. Happy to make a cheeky little discount for any big orders. I've also got inserts going back 15 years, if you're interested. All cards were placed in penny sleeves once they were pulled. Combined postage $4 in a padded bag, $9...
  17. jimboner

    1994 AFL Select Gold Signature Cards (How Many of Each?)

    Just wondering if anyone has a firm number on the print run of the AFL Select 1994 Signature Cards? I pulled a Gavin Brown back in the day and was hoping to find out how many of each card exists. According to the select website there were 35,000 boxes produced, 1 in every 288 boxes. This...
  18. jimboner


    Hey Everyone, thought I'd post a little intro message in here. Was a huge collector in the 90s (mostly AFL and NFL, but also have some cricket, muppets, marvel). Been going through my old collection with the uptake in the hobby in the last 12 months. Things have certainly changed. Getting some...
  19. jimboner

    Why is Grading not a Thing?

    I'm interested in explanations as to why grading AFL cards isn't a thing. Prices are getting up there, I find it interesting that there hasn't been a move toward Aus grading services.
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