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  1. j0hn

    For Trade 2022 Traders numbered/priority - looking for Roosters

    Hi all, Looking to trade for Roosters equivalents. I have: Creator - Mitchell Moses Parramatta Eels TC10 #34 Priority Master & Apprentice Black - Jahrome Hughes Melbourne Storm MABK13 #23/23 Priority Team High Performance - Warriors HPT15 #2 Also have: Retirements - R8 Club Heroes - CH9, 14...
  2. j0hn

    MoL Playing Cards

  3. j0hn

    2021 Elite Wanted

    Hi all, Looking for: Walker YG Priority Angus Crichton Sapphire Mojo Keary LS Team Thanks.
  4. j0hn


    Some funny reminiscences about playground footy card trading on this from Moonman:
  5. j0hn

    For Trade 2021 Elite and Priority

    Hi all, Looking to trade for Roosters equivalents. Thanks. Priority: Captain - C01 #8 Glenn/Broncos YG - YG03 #6 Kris/Raiders YG - YG16 #3 To'a/Knights Game Changers: GC25 #28 Dufty/Dragons GC29 #4 Harris-Tevita/Warriors Young Gun Black: YGB01 #006 Riki/Broncos - TRADED Ruby: MR041 #06...
  6. j0hn

    For Trade 2021 Rivalry Gold

    Hi all, Looking for Roosters Gold. Have Knights and Warriors Gold, happy to trade 2 for 1.
  7. j0hn

    Wants List

    2021 Rivalry Gold James Tedesco 2021 Traders League Leaders LLG2 James Tedesco 2021 Traders League Leaders LLG8 Kyle Flanagan 2020 Elite Mojo Emerald ME118 Roosters 2020 Elite Mojo Emerald ME120 Angus Crighton 2020 Elite Mojo Emerald ME122 Jake Friend...
  8. j0hn

    NRL Trade Show cards

    Hi, Looking for Roosters Trade Dhow cards 2019-20-2 Thanks, John
  9. j0hn

    2020 Roosters Emerald Mojo

    Hi, Anyone have any Roosters 2020 Emeralds to sell?
  10. j0hn

    For Trade 2021 Insert trades

    Hi, Looking to trade the cards pictured for the following: Aiden Guerra retirement Tedesco Club Hero Tupouniua Silver Authentic Red/Blue/Yellow Startoon Crichton Thanks, John
  11. j0hn

    For Trade 2021 Raiders-Roosters Predictor

    Hi all, Looking to trade Raiders 2021 PP02 #179 for Roosters PP14 - any number. Thanks, John
  12. j0hn

    St George IP Collectors help

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help - I need a Poasa Faamausili Faces of the Game IP. If there are any Dragons IP collectors that are able to assist, that would be greatly appreciated. I will provide the card and cover postage if there is someone that is able to get it signed. Thanks very much, John
  13. j0hn

    For Sale/For Trade Various cards

    Hi all, Is anyone after any of the attached?
  14. j0hn

    2020 Roosters Emerald Mojo

    Looking for 2020 Roosters Emerald Mojos. thanks, John
  15. j0hn

    For Sale/For Trade 2020 Elite

    Happy to trade for Roosters if available. YGB 16 Tigers #102 YGW 9 Titans YGW 15 Knights MS 11 QLD MS 15 Kangaroos CL 1-6-10-12 DM 5-7-13-15
  16. j0hn

    Roosters Inserts

    Hi all, Looking for the following: 2020 Elite Roosters Mojo Emeralds 2020 Traders Club Heroes Parallel CHP27 James Tedesco 2020 Traders Club Heroes Parallel CHP28 Sam Verrills 2020 Traders Authentic Signature AS14 Nat Butcher 2020 Traders Retirement Parallel...
  17. j0hn

    SOLD/TRADED 2020 Traders

  18. j0hn

    For Sale Signed Framed Ashes 2017/18 Australia Team Bat

    Hi, Any interest in this before I try eBay? Thanks, John
  19. j0hn

    SOLD/TRADED 2019 Elite

    Hi, Looking to trade attached cards for Roosters parallels, Roosters WNRL, Roosters Custodian or bulk trade for a mojo card. Thanks, John
  20. j0hn

    SOLD/TRADED 2019 LSB, LS and YG

    Hello, I have 2019: Ferguson LS Black #2, looking for Tupou or 2018 Tedesco Black - TRADED Yeo LS #72, looking for Tupou any number Clifford YG #61, for Radley any number Moylan Ruby #34, for Cronk any number John
  21. j0hn

    Club cards

    Hi, does anyone know anything about these?
  22. j0hn

    SOLD/TRADED Sharks 4&2

    Hi all, busted Sharks 4&2 #29 Thanks, John
  23. j0hn


  24. j0hn

    SOLD/TRADED 2019 Wallace Retirement

    Hello, Looking to trade 2019 Retirement Wallace for: 2018 Retirement Shillington or Tupou. Thanks, John
  25. j0hn

    SOLD/TRADED 2018-19 BBL inserts mixed lot

    Hello, Mixed lot of 18/19 BBL - $20 plus del. GSH 08 - Maxwell BBD 04 - Renegades BBD 07 - Sixers RR 01 - 02 - 04 - 11 - 12 ABS 04 - 07 - 08 Parallel 82 - 125 - 147 - 150 - 172 - 180 - 193
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