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  1. footyfan13

    Footyfan13's Ultimate Teamcoach 2006 Hunt!

    After some consideration, I’ve decided maybe if I got the ball rolling now, I could be prepared sooner. This is everything related to 2006 Teamcoach. I’m much closer to a master set than I originally thought According to my calculations, I should have 141 out of 150 of the gold set. The...
  2. footyfan13

    Older Teamcoach Drought

    I'll admit that for me, it is starting to get much harder to find the cards I need for the collection, but now it seems like I've reached a point where even my main focal point seems to be virtually non-existent. For some weird reason, I can find anything from 2001, 2002, and 2007 onwards to be...
  3. footyfan13

    Footyfan13's Rare Teamcoach Specials

    You probably may know me as the Teamcoach guy, but if you don't, let's just say that by my estimates, I hold about 9000+ unique Teamcoach cards over the years, including full silver sets for every year, (I am quite proud of my 2003 and 2004 silver sets, each needed a lot of compilation work to...
  4. footyfan13

    Remember Me?

    Hey guys, Still here, still collecting Teamcoach, although when you've reached the level I have, the hits do get harder. I'm focusing on completing some of the past years, since I feel getting the current year's stuff will be a lot easier (prize cards are another matter, though they seem much...
  5. footyfan13

    Teamcoach Gold / Prize Card Hunt

    Hey guys, just thought I'd open a little topic of the hard cards to get, and am being hopeful that someone out there has the cards I need. If you have any of these cards from that team, please come and see me: Any 2013 Prize Cards 2014 Prize sets: Carlton Collingwood - Pending Geelong West...
  6. footyfan13

    Footyfan13's Teamcoach Gallery

    Yeah, I thought I'd get one up, just for kicks (Well... interest in a certain folder of mine). There's some nice galleries in here, I must say! To kick things off... Hmm... I can't decide, which one of these two pics do you like more? Page 1 of Teamcoach 2000? Or Page 1 of Teamcoach 2013's...
  7. footyfan13

    Completed Footyfan13 and Bombs Away

    Bombs Away gets: 2005 Gold Chaffy 2005 Gold Judd Footyfan13 gets $$$ Deal?
  8. footyfan13

    Completed Footyfan13 and Ebbs88

    Ebbs88 gets a 2002 Collingwood Prize Set. Footyfan13 gets $$$. Deal?
  9. footyfan13

    For Sale Footyfan13's Old School Teamcoach Sales

    Hey fellas, I've got quite a few sales going on eBay right now: These are all doubles that I have collected, some of them quite special. I also have a few goodies that I haven't listed. So if you're interested, give me a...
  10. footyfan13

    Completed Footyfan13 and Piemad10

    Footyfan13 gets 2006 S: 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 14 2007 G: 9 2008 G: 1, 2, 3, 13, 14, 16 Piemad10 gets $$$ Deal?
  11. footyfan13

    Completed footyfan13 and Scotty_WCE

    Footyfan13 gets $. Scotty_WCE gets the 2002 West Coast Blue Prize Set. Deal?
  12. footyfan13

    2006 Teamcoach Blue Prize Cards - DONE!

    All complete!
  13. footyfan13

    Completed Footyfan13 and Tim Hann

    Tim Hann gets $$ Footyfan13 gets 2013 Footy Pointers of Paddy Ryder, Cyril Rioli and Gary Ablett. Deal?
  14. footyfan13

    Teamcoach Wildcard Value

    After having quite a few Wildcards in my possession, it got me thinking: Why are the 2005 Wildcards so highly valued compared to its counterparts? 2004-2008 Wildcards were all 1:72 packs, which means you got one every two packs, yet when it comes to talking about the special wildcards, it's...
  15. footyfan13

    Completed pakchoy & footyfan13

    Footyfan13 gets Essendon, West Coast Teamcoach 2000 sets and Hawthorn 2000 Wildcards Pakchoy gets $$$ via bank deposit. Deal?
  16. footyfan13

    Teamcoach Albums - Completed!

    Mission completed! All Teamcoach albums collected, and no reason to ever miss one again! Thanks to all that helped!
  17. footyfan13

    Teamcoach 2000 list

    Alright! I've got 10 of the sets (Adelaide, Brisbane, Carlton, Collingwood Essendon, Fremantle, Hawthorn, Melbourne, St Kilda and West Coast), and have parts of a 11th (Port Adelaide) and on a verge of an 12th (Sydney). I know this is a very big ask, it's a very ambitious goal, but it's...
  18. footyfan13


    How are we all doing? I'm a avid Teamcoach fan, been collecting the cards since they first came out (2001, but that's only publicly of course), and will keep at it in the hopes of completing the set! My main goal is to complete the entire Common set first, and that includes the rarest of the...
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