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    Completed Davebvd / Nrl fan

    Davebvd gets Oates jersey patch 1/1 and Nrl fan gets Paypal funds. Agree?
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    For Sale 2016 Nrl elite Broncos Corey Oates jersey patch card 1/1 $2250

    If anyone is interested in having the ultimate Broncos card well here it is. $2500 (ONO). K
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    For Sale 2016 Nrl Elite Broncos Corey Oates jersey patch card 1/1

    Hi guys, is anyone interested in having this 2016 Nrl Elite Broncos Corey Oates jersey patch card 1/1 for there collection. K
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    For Sale Darren Lockyer signed IP's (cheap)

    Guys i am just seeing if anyone is interested in any of these Darren Lockyer hand signed IP's before i list them onto Ebay. Some were signed very early in his career so if someone wants any let me know and any offers i will take. Katrina PS i also still have a 2016 Nrl elite Broncos master...
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    For Sale Heaps of IP hand signed Darren Lockyer base and insert cards (cheap)

    Guys i have heaps of IP hand signed Broncos Darren Lockyer base and insert cards for sale. Let me know if anyone wants something as i would most likely have it. Also i still have a 2016 Elite Broncos master set numbered 3/5 and Corey Oates jersey patch card 1/1 for sale so make an offer. K
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    In Progress Dansnrl and Nrl fan

    Dansnrl pays Nrl Fan Paypal funds and in return Dansnrl receives 1994 Gold signature cards x 5 and 1994 Rookie sensation signature cards x 6. All cards are numbered and come with Coas. Agree Dan
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    For Sale Corey Oates jersey patch 1/1 $3500 price drop (plus other rare signature cards) new pics added

    Up for sale are these little rippers. Hard to find Dynamic signature cards all with redemption and Coa cards in mint crease free condition (no writing on the backs of any Redemption cards).
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    For Sale 2016 Broncos mojo sapphire #001 $500 and Ruby #001 $350

    Guys the heading says it all 2016 Broncos Corey Oates jersey patch signature card #001/50 $450 delivered registered post (sold) 2016 Broncos mojo sapphire #001/20 $500 delivered registered post 2015 Broncos mojo ruby #001/40 $350 delivered registered post (sold) K
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    For Sale Authentic numbered signature cards with COAs (Every team available with new pictures added cheap)

    I have all 1994 Gold signature cards numbered with authentic COAs, All 1995 force 5s and complete Force 5s all numbered #49 with one COA, All 20 1996 MVPs numbered the same with COA. Everything must go so make any offers as i am prepared to split all sets K
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    For Sale Fire sale $$$$ High end cards for sale

    Guys i am having a quick fire sale on these High end cards 2009 Nrl Select Darren Lockyer Captains signature card numbered #039/50 $900AU or nearest offer 2003 Nrl Select Darren Lockyer Jersey signature card numbered #077/100 $750AU or nearest offer 2002 Nrl Select Darren Lockyer All star...
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    For Sale Complete set of signature cards from 1993 to 1996 and every Broncos signature card #001s 1/1 Oates

    I am just letting everyone know that both my husband and i will no longer be collecting Nrl cards due to other things and hobbies. This also means that all our cards from 1993 to present will be up for sale on Jajas website starting from this coming week. As everyone who knows us we collected...
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    Finally we received our new bookshelf to display my little gems

    After 2 years i finally convinced my husband that we needed a brand new bookshelf to display our little gems. Both my husband and i love the Broncos and he loves his cricket meaning i am starting to set it up today so when he gets home after work it should look pretty dame good lol. PS i can't...
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    For Sale 100s of Mint condition hand signed Broncos IP's for sale going cheap for Xmas $2.50 each

    Guys, everything has to sell before Xmas so i decided to sell every hand signed Broncos IP for $2.50 each. There are heaps of big names still available so get in fast before its too late. Katrina Att: ask for prices if anything of interest in the 1st picture
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    Today's the launch at Allianz Stadium for the 2017 Nrl draw (hope its the best season ever)

    Guys i didn't even realize but today is the launch for the 2017 Nrl draw. I just walked outside to see whats going on and everyone was setting up for the big day. I love and miss my footy and after seeing this i can't wait for the 2017 season. Just thought I'd share a pic, Katrina
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    Wht happened to the 1/1 thread?

    Did someone get banned? K
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    Kevin durant flawless auto cards plus rookie patch auto cards at super low prices

    Ok, only because I am getting out of collecting Basketball for the meantime i am offering these KD Flawless auto cards and Rookie Patch autos at super low prices for Ozcard members 1st before they go to Ebay. These offers will only last until Friday afternoon and whatever is left goes to Ebay. K...
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    Kevin durant flawless October fire sale (Every card numbered #001

    Guys its time to move these KD Flawless #001s cards at discounted prices so PM me if interested, K PS i also have a KD 1/1 signature patch Flawless if anyone is interested.
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    Can someone please tell me how many ESP Qld sets have been released?

    Guys, how many years have ESP been doing these Qld sets for? K
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    For Sale 2006 and 2007 Broncos Authentic signature tazos (crazy price drop)

    Att: October fire sale (All prices dropped) Guys and girls i have now sorted out all my hand signed IP's all in which are on perfect mint crease free condition cards. Here is the list of current players for sale at discounted prices Wally Lewis (any card for $12.50 each) Corey Parker (any card...
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    For Sale Broncos IP collection up for sale from 1989 to 2013 "prices now starting at $4"

    Att : Tuesdays price update for Ozcard collectors. Guys the heading says it all. I am selling off my entire Broncos hand signed collection from 1989 to 2013 and every card is in mint crease free condition with nice looking signatures (ATT :With the exception of Corey Parker and Darren Lockyer...
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    Cancelled Tony H and Nrl Fan do a deal

    Tony H get Esp Nrl Scott Prince LS signature card ##55/130 and Nrl Fan get Paypal funds. Agreed? Katrina
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    For Sale 2012 Nrl Esp Sam Thaiday jersey patch signature card "2 colour patch" hard to find" pics added

    Guys i have for sale a 2012 Nrl Esp Sam Thaiday jersey patch signature card with 2 colours (hard to find striped white and Maroon jersey patch). If anyone is interested please send me a PM as i am after a cheap quick sale. I also have a spare Cam Smith Qld card numbered #050/150 and 2013 Nrl...
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    eBay Darren lockyer starshot signature photo limited edition and numbered $$$

    Guys my hushand and i have just placed 2 very limited and numbered Darren Lockyer signature framed items on Ebay ao if anyone from this forum is interested please let me know with a PM as maybe we can do a deal outside of Ebay. K
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    How to check Esp coloured patch numbers?

    Guys i have forgot how to check on what numbers are what with colours? How many of each etc etc. K
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    For Sale Broncos and Qld Authentic signature cards cheap

    Ok i have these for sale, quick sale so send me any offers and these will be sold as i need quick funds, K Timu #5/105 Broncos (sold) Hampton #5/105 Qld (sold) Moga #50/105 Qld (sold) Prince #55/130 Broncos Cam Smith 2015 #50/150 Qld Ben Hunt #50/130 Broncos (sold) Oates jersey patch #50/150 (sold)
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