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    For Sale/For Trade PDAWG - 2020 FOOTY STARS SALE THREAD

    im guessing the ones highlighted red are sold
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    For Sale Supremacy sale

    Have sent you a message
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    For Sale Supremacy sale

    Bump Prices lowered
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    Completed Will851 and Zooma

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    Completed Zooma & will851

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    Supremacy review

    Cant blame select for players that have chosen to leave clubs since the cards came out? the cards had been in production for a couple of years as well
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    For Sale Big Supremacy sale updated 22/9

    Sorry mate both sold have updated the post
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    Completed Will851 and Shaunao1983 WILL851 Gets Paypal $$ Shaunao1983 gets Shane Crawford Brownlow/Premiership Double Brayshaw Future Franchise Simpkin Franchise Merrett Supremacy walsh Draft pick signature
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    For Sale Supremacy sale

    Jesaulenko Finals folklore sig 68/70 $225 Aker Brownlow/premiership 53/65 $55 Michael Long norm smith 02/65 $75 Leo Barry finals folklore 16/70 $50 Jarryn Geary 48/90 $25 Bradley hill 42/90 $25 Travis boak 53/90 $25 Marc Murphy 14/90 $40 Lachie whitfield 38/90 $25 Registered post $5
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    SOLD/TRADED All gone please delete

    all gone here please delete
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    Completed Will851/Bax

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    Completed Will851/Bax

    Will851 gets paypal Bax gets Luke ryan and clayton oliver franchise future cards
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    For Sale Big Supremacy sale updated 22/9

    Bump heaps of cards added
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