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    For Sale Collection for Sale ( Scan Heavy )

    Few prices added guys, sorry for my delayed responses, i'm currently in the middle of moving house so im having to borrow friends and familys net for the time being.
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    For Sale Collection for Sale ( Scan Heavy )

    hey guys, Starting to sell off few of my cards, this will get it started, will add prices and details as i can. Msg me with any question ya have. Cheers Guys These are jus some rough prices : Judd 07 Sig + Redemption = $300...
  3. westkoastking WCE Triple Sig Price??

    Hey Brad and Scott, yeah it has been a while, and yep when i get it sorted i'll let ya know, i really didn't want to sell but thats the way it goes, i'll jus start with a few of the higher end cards and see how i go from there, i've got pretty much every WCE card up until 2011/12. Sigs...
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  5. westkoastking WCE Triple Sig Price??

    Hey All, Been so long since I been on here. Its that sad time in my life when i gotta start selling off my collection. I need abit of help with pricing though and who better to ask than u guys. I have a truck load of cards to go through but i'll start with these if anyone could help...
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    A NOTHING BUT NICNAT MAILDAY. But Wowee, what a Nic Nat!!

    Well @#$ $%* (*&^ %$## man, put simply, you made me log in for the first time in......i'm not sure,a while. So happy for ya bro:wave: =D> :kick:, it is the HOLY GRAIL of NIC NATS cards, and just reading the comments, paying anything below $999,999,999 is pretty much a bargain, Great job Brad :p
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    ShueyGaffDarlingNat's latest Eagles mailday's

    Stunning Bro, Simply Stunning. nuff said
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    Completed WestCoastking & Shueygaffdarlingnat

    Absolutely Agreed, your a champ
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    TF2 - Addict

    Hey Fellas, Anyone else here play Team Fortress 2, i started in January and can't stop, Which character do ya play most, do ya play competition, do ya trade(on tf2). If not what game are ya playing now???, and why is it so good???
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    Recent Eagles Cards and 2012 Draft Prospects.

    Hey Brad, you owe me a box of tissues, i just used mine to clean up a sml mess, well done champ, the collection is looking SWEET, i havn't pulled mine out for a couple of months now, trying so hard to resist the temptations, i'm kicking myself i didn't get a box of Prospects, looks like there...
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    Has Nic Natinui DPS #009 been pulled?

    yep, Pakchoy's got it apparantly, says he's had offers of over $5000, he's also got the Scanlens Nic Nat #009, so he says
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    International Rules tonight. Thoughts??? ***SPOILERS***

    Re: International Rules tonight. Thoughts??? i enjoy watching it, its abit different however, my choice would be to pick two AFL Coaches, and let them pick there own teams, any player, any team, any state, have them play a game or a best of 3 series, from those 44 players, 22 are selected as...
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