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  • Thnx for the message bro....I'm super amped about the Bunnies right now...I get super excited before every game...Red and Green for eternity...GO THE BUNNIES
    oh der i should have noticed you said that lol. i must have misread. . do you use msn?. i go up to qld a fair bit just to see bands and stuff.. majourity of my friends have moved up there. . though i prefer sydney and melbourne ha. ^^
    G'day !! I'm a massive Rabbitoh fan and I had to drop you a message to let ya know. I have been collecting from early eighties and have a range of collectable stuff from the bunnies and NBA ! Hit me up for a chat ... be good and behave !
    Hey Wererabbit, just noticed your message... sorry. Thanks for bidding on my cards - just starting out and trying to turn over enough stock to launch my website. Shout out if you win anything or want a good deal and i'll fix you up ;)
    Hey mate, just wondering have you got any doubles at the moment for NRL 2009 Champions series??

    I have just singed up to ozcardtrader.com.au and you have alredy helped me in finishing my 2009 nrl base card set. I am matskees_01's mate from work. so i would like to say thankyou for helping me reach me goal of all 195 base cards in this series and i hope i can help you obtaine the cards you may require in series 2. i will also keep my eye out for any rabbit oh's cards.
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