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    For Sale Cards for Sale - 13/09

    needs a price mate as per rules of the page cheers
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    For Sale Lamelo Ball RC SILVER Prizm #278

    mate needs a price as per site rules cheers
  3. wasportsfan1

    What do you all think keep or sell?

    prob keep last one sold for $33us
  4. wasportsfan1

    Worst Case in the history of mankind , 12-13 Crusade case break

    hope you know the post is over 5 years old right?
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    SOLD/TRADED Random mix of low end cards left over for trade!

    hey mate you will need to put prices on them (use for prices that have last sold otherwise admin will delete your post as prices are now needed
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    Need a Price or Value on a Card BV $$ ? Ask Here

    hey mate around $15US each they are worth.
  7. wasportsfan1

    Nba card

    $2-$5 not a good player at all
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    Toploaded card storage

    I use these -
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    For Sale Basketball cards for sale

    needs prices mate as per rules of the page
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    For Sale Kobe topps finest rc

    against the rules on the site must have a price
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    Show something off

    Ersk that Skybox is my dream card!!!!!
  12. wasportsfan1

    Does these have any value?

    the Kobe /24 might also be of value around $40
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    For Sale Kobe topps finest rc

    as per rules mate needs a price before admin get you!