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  • Hello Batch

    DO you have any 05 Star Wilds for sale... I am happy to buy, or if there is something you need I can trade.

    Or, Judd 08 gold and Adelaide diecut set for Malceski (remember that Malceski will sell easier then the cards I want)
    Hey mate,
    I need the 09 select Crows diecuts set. I was wondering if you needed a Malceski SG.
    It would sell for $6-10 dollars and if you wanted I could trade it to you for the Adelaide diecut set and a B&F gold. The reason I am offering this to you is because it would sell easier and for more then a b&f gold and a diecut set.
    Hey mate,
    Do you have an 03 common set?
    Also what 04 wildcards (I will buy)
    Hi Batch502, New to this so please excuse the stupidity, but where do you order the cases of footy cards from is there a website?
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