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    2013-14 Select Giannis RC eBay auction

    A mate is selling his 2013-14 Select Giannis rookie on eBay right now, so plugging hit on here for him This is the sale Go pick up a bargain today. Can vouch for the seller if you decide to bid
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    For Sale Mitch McGovern Lightning Starburst 2021 Footy Stars 015/210

    Looking to get this Mitch McGovern lightning starburst, from this years Select Footy Stars series, off my hands. Straight out of the pack $22 shipped for it. DM if interested
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    For Sale Couple of bargains from Traders, just take them off my hands

    Brian Kelly Club Heroes #09 - $8 Patrick Carrigan Black Street Art #01 - $8 Cameron Murray Blue Startoon #13 - $10 Cameron Murray Yellow Startoon #13 - $5 Add on $2 for shipping, take them all off my hands and I’ll give you a sweet discount for the lot. Just get them off my hands hahaha...
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    Malvern Town Hall - March 21 -

    Was a decent show Love that folks always host them in my area hahaha just a quick train trip away. But yeah some sweet AFL and NRL stuff
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    For Sale Couple of Numbered Starbursts for sale

    Need to get rid of them ASAP, if you don't like the prices message me and I'll work something out with you Marty Hore 2020 Select Footy Stars Starburst 083/210 - $14 shipped Patrick Dangerfield 2020 Select Footy Stars Starburst 045/210 - $26 shipped $35 shipped for the two of them combined...
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    For Sale 2020 Footy Stars Patrick Dangerfield Galactic Starburst 045/210

    Card is exactly what it is in the title $35 shipped, though I'll negotiate for anything. Just wanna sell it Let me know and if I can get a deal done tonight, ill have it out tomorrow morning Cheers
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    Government's CoronaVirus Stimulus - $750

    Cashed up pensioners and teens 😭😭
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    Kobe appreciation thread

    I'm f*cking numb. Just no words. Rest in peace Kobe.
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    MyMallBox....the end of the line

    Yep literally paid just now for the last few items I'm sending home from them. I haven't had any major issues with them, thanks to the parent company refunding my items that supposedly weren't delivered to MMB twice, but I have had minor ones, and considering all these other issues people have...
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    MyMallBox....the end of the line

    Do they ship only cards though? Or can they ship out other stuff as well (boxes for example) cos thats the big thing I need
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    MyMallBox....the end of the line

    Yeah I would love to say I would use COMC... but since they don't send other stuff that isn't cards, I'll probably have to end up finding a facebook group or something where I can just get everything sent home. One thing that is worth noting with MMB - companies know about them. I ordered from...
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    MyMallBox....the end of the line

    The part in my bold is the big issue with them for me at the moment. I was their number one fan for a while, but I've had a couple of things (just two t shirts don't get me wrong, worth around $40 combined and nothing to be in sweats over, but still) that were reportedly delivered by Fedex a...
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    Superman returns to hang with a goat and a wizard

    That's a f*cking ripper Spectra tag
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    Few Jeffery Simmons cards

    got lots more coming in (few more 1/1s too) but up to around 50 cards now on the Simmons PC! These are some of the better ones from my last MyMallBox submission Score Black auto 1/1 Contenders Printing Plate auto 1/1 Contenders cracked ice auto /23 (won this one for around $8 AUD!) Elite gold...
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    Beckett Football Magazine in Australia?

    The newsagents at the Chadstone shopping centre sells it, if in that area