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    Elite 2017 and 2020 binder checklists/sell sheets

    Hi all, I'm chasing down the printed sell sheet / check list that comes in the Elite binders for 2017 and 2020. If anybody can help, PM me please. Cheers, Chris
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    Cricket books

    Went to the Bradman Museum today. They have a second hand book section. Picked this beauty up for a tenner. Not bad. Considering this:
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    For Trade Best & Less 2021 NRL cards

    Looking to trade away some Best & Less 2021 NRL cards to finish my set. Cards to trade: Silver 2 Canberra 4 x2 Vronulla 5 Gold Coast 7 x2 Storm 8 Newcastle 9 NQ 10 Eels 11 x2 Penrith 14 Easts Gold 3 Bulldogs Cards needed: Commons: 19, 29, 34 x2, 35, 37, 38, 39, 43 Gold: 7...
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    RIP Tommy Raudinikis

    @MikeK those are sweet cards. It’s a good sign when a player transcends club loyalties and is loved by all. It really is a tremendous loss to our community.
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    The Australian cricket non-official thread!

    Was at ODDI final with my son at Bankstown Oval today. The WA blokes were absolutely fantastic and genuinely lovely to autograph and selfie hunters. My son literally got all WA players except Ashton Turner. You can always rely on Lyon and Hazelwood though. Good for a sig. Country boys too?
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    2021 Coles NRL clearance Stock

    Just the Souths, cheers. I replied the PM too. You’re a legend!!
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    Best and less traders

    Ahhh... I just busted a couple of packs and flicked quickly.
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    Best and less traders

    The photos are different images from Traders.
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    2021 Coles NRL clearance Stock

    Champion. I really appreciate it.
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    2021 Coles NRL clearance Stock

    If the cards/badges are still available could u grab me a Cook or two or three? I’ll sort you out.
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    2021 Official NRL Thread (Spoilers/Rumours/Game Results/Discussions etc.)

    I shared mine as they are part of my PC. 40 odd years of favourite players from rugby league. Funny to say, Tommy is page 1. I know I’m missing a couple ( 68 or 69 I think, and 78) but these are little treasures I’ve looked at a thousand times but today was the first with him gone 😞
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    RIP Tommy Raudinikis

    There’s a tough as old teak Newtown supporter I know very well who was tearing up this morning. Same vintage as Tommy - old school too. He’s just lost for words.