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    In Progress tekk3113 & TheCardMan

    agreed mate, first payment coming now.
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    Completed 1711mark & tekk3113

    agreed mate
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    In Progress tekk and jam mac

    tekk gets $$$ jam mac gets luka optic psa 9 rookie agreed mate?
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    Completed Tekk and DaveKD go again

    Tekk gets $$$ Dave gets Lebron Immac Patch and Curry NT patch Agreed mate?
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    For Sale 28/4/22 Updated with some new MONSTER cards, check it out

    Hi Mate, Yes its still available, PM if you are interested. Cheers
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    Completed Tekk and Mollinski

    Tekk gets $$ Mollinski gets Nate Thurmond auto and Calvin Murphy auto. Agreed mate ?
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    In Progress Tekk and the card man

    Tekk gets $$ Thecardman get cam Johnson optic auto agreed mate?
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    Completed Tekk and JT21 part 2

    Tekk gets $$$ JT21 gets flawless Damian Lillard patch auto and Thybulle immaculate RPA Agreed mate?
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    Completed Tekk and Aussiebattler

    Tekk gets $$$ Aussiebattler gets Kobe finest rc Agreed mate?
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    Completed Tekk and 1711Mark part 2

    Tekk gets $$$ 1711 Mark gets Grant Hill 2015-16 Flawless auto #13/25 Walt Frazier 2019/20 Revolution auto Mark Aguirre 2015-16 Flawless auto #10/10 Gary Payton 2014-15 Prizm auto #121/249 Kobe Skybox #203 Kobe Z Force #142 Rick Barry 2017-18 National Treasures Gold auto #4/10 Agreed mate?
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    Completed Tekk and Beau part 2

    Tekk gets $$$ Beau gets Clyde Drexler flawless Larry bird NT auto Agreed mate?
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