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    Heya, it's been a while.

    Hey Bill and Alex, good to see you guys as well 😀 . Hope all is good and thanks for the welcome back :thumbsup:. Crazy alright! Blow my mind 🤯
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    Heya, it's been a while.

    Thanks Mark, great to 'see' you here again mate :thumbsup: Hey Matt, thanks mate. Appreciate the re-welcome from one of the legends of the site!!🖐 BRU! Hope your well mate. Great seeing you floating around here too and thanks for the welcome back 😀
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    Heya, it's been a while.

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is safe and well 😀 I kinda stepped away from active collecting for the last 5 or 6 years, though not from BBall! In poking around lately I noticed that the hobby has changed a lot, even in the last Anywho, thought I might look around again and dust off some...
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    Completed Strop & Arashi_F27

    Strop gets: paypal $ @Arashi_F27 gets: Dwight Howard Jambalaya Happy with that Jo?
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    Completed Strop & Araiee

    Strop gets: Paypal $ @araiee gets: Timeless Treasures Apprentices Paul George / Lance Stephenson Auto - 20/25 TT Rookie Recruits auto - /299 Paul George / Luke Babbitt Pen Pals auto. 06/25 Rookie year auto Happy with that Aram?
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    When will the 76ers next win?

    Did coach mention that would like to see Kobe shoot less 3's just a couple of days ago...? Kobe replies: 4-17
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    Cancelled Strop & Felixnator

    Strop gets: Paypal $$ @Felixnator gets: Paul George Limited Jersey Auto /99 Happy with that Alex?
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    Completed Strop & Ozsportsfan

    Strop gets: paypal $$ @Ozsportsfan gets: Slabbed Floyd Little Cut Auto Happy with that Michael?
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    For Sale Adrian Peterson Rookie auto + Others

    Hey mate. I do still have these cards available.
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    Completed Strop & derotter

    Strop gets: paypal $ @derotter gets: Paul George NT dual patch /25 Happy with that mate?
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    Completed Strop & TheCardMan

    Strop gets: $$ @TheCardMan gets: Paul George NT RPA (Graded 9.5/10) Paul George NT NBA Gear triple patch Paul George NT NBA Gear dual patch Paul George Colossal jersey (square) auto Paul George Colossal jersey (24) auto Paul George R&S Freshman Orientation dual patch auto Paul George...
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