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    Kobe appreciation thread

    Don’t collect Kobe but a few months ago had an offer of this in a trade and thought I should have a Kobe Auto in the PC just out of respect, very glad I did that now.
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    SOLD/TRADED .....

    Zion Williamson RC Prizm Hyper variation $380 Delivered Registered in Oz (no overseas buyers) Will trade for 1 card of Curry, Klay, Lillard, D Mitchell, Trae Young Selling elsewhere.
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    Completed Andrew111 and Southnet

    @Andrew111 gets J Murray Die Cut RC Auto Southnet gets agreed PayPal friends amount Agreed?
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    WTB: Auto or patch auto National Treasures, Flawless or Immaculate

    Jamal Murray RC Immaculate Scripts /99 $68 delivered, PM if interested please
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    For Sale Dan sale thread! One card at a time for a steal

    And I did a trade with him last week for a $150-$200 Card and had no issues.
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    For Sale/For Trade Curry Kawhi RC Autos, other RC Autos, Low #d

    Postage $3.50 standard or $7.50 registered. Selling elsewhere. Damian Lillard Revolution On Card Auto $SOLD Damian Lillard Crown Royale Auto Die Cut /25 - $90 Damian Lillard 19/20 Contenders On Card Auto - $SOLD Stephen Curry RC Auto Timeless Treasures /299 - $180 NB: Sig is in texta...
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    Curry Mailday

    Mail days are always good, but every now and again you get one that makes your day. Been looking to get one of these for a while, got a great deal and pulled the trigger, awesome in hand.
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    Most try hard eBay 1/1 of ever!

    Could be having some fun, but the starting Bid of $125 might undo any good marketing!
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    Most try hard eBay 1/1 of ever!

    I despise the eBay 1/1s you have to sift through to find real 1 of 1 cards, but this is the most try hard effort I’ve seen. Creative maths to get to a jersey number!
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    In Progress Laurent and Southnet

    @Laurent gets Kawhi Impeccable Silver Bat thick Card /16 Southnet gets M Porter Crown RC Auto /99 plus cash. Agreed?
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    East Player of the Week Bump
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