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    Decent Break Hit

    Yes I like the Phenomenon set, will send this for grading with PSA, as you said the hype with him is ridiculous so will be interesting to see how he goes.
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    In Progress Cardfund and Southnet

    @cardfund gets 4 x A Davis RCs Delivered Registered Southnet receives PayPal gift amount Agreed?
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    Decent Break Hit

    Always nice when you enter a cheapish Break and hit some mojo. #d /10
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    Are printing Plates popular? I just got a 1 of 1 RC printing plate (currently in the post)

    They aren’t very popular in general, and you’ll find most are labelled 1 of 1. Best to decide what players or team you will collect and then decide the types of cards you want to have in your collection. Don’t try and find bargains and think you can make money, best to just get what you like...
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    In Progress Squiddy and Southnet

    @squiddy gets 4 x 12/13 Beal RCs Southnet gets Friends PayPal amount. Agreed?
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    For Sale 50c per card. 2012 to 2016 - RCs, All Stars, #d

    All cards 50c each. Postage $3.50 for 10 cards, more than that will quote cost. 11/12 Hoops Isaiah Thomas Rookie Impact Kings 12/13 Hoops Bradley Beal Draft Night RC SOLD Hoops Andre Drummond Draft Night RC Past & Present Isaiah Thomas RC Past & Present Bradley Beal Rise & Shine RC SOLD Past...
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    Nearly got value out of a Box!

    Previously you haven’t had anything I collect. Curry, Klay Thompson, Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Jamal Murray, Trae Young, Kawhi. Would look at Jaren Jackson or Michael Porter Jr also.
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    In Progress Charles Way and Southnet

    @Charles Way gets Anthony Davis RC Signatures Die Cut Auto /49 Southnet gets agreed PayPal Friends payment Agreed?
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    For Sale Kawhi Auto, 18/19 Select silvers

    SOLD Redemption from Select 18/19, Auto Jersey Purple /99. $125 for code (must have >10 feedback), $130 Redemption Delivered Registered. Michael Porter Jr Select Phenomenon Silver /99 $42 D Ayton Select Silver RC - $9 Robert Williams Select Silver RC - $6
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    Nearly got value out of a Box!

    For the first time in a while I got close to full value out of a box. 18/19 Select main cards below. Redemption to start, expecting a 2nd Round Rookie, nice surprise. Purple is /99. Standard boring, unnumbered jersey card Standard retired player auto who 2 people worldwide PC, but at...
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