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    Lebron auto

    Let me know what you have available and price.
  2. Slick.34

    Luka Prizm

    $270 delivered
  3. Slick.34

    In Progress Slick.34 & Hector

    Agreed that slick.34 gets 3 x 12-13 lebron base prizm and Hector gets PayPal agreed?
  4. Slick.34


    $775 OBO
  5. Slick.34

    Eli Manning

    Autos and high end preferably 2018
  6. Slick.34

    Luka auto.

    $550 delivered
  7. Slick.34

    Luka prizm

    Still looking
  8. Slick.34

    Luka prizm

    Pm what you have and price. Looking for multiples...
  9. Slick.34

    In Progress Jett22 and slick34

    Jet22 receives paypal $$ and slick34 receives 3x morant prizm Agree?
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