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    James Ennis PC website

    Cheers mate, need to add a few bits and pieces that arrived the other day. Got a pre match used 76ers warm up top and some cards..
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    Big W Retail Packs come good

    My big W had no prizm or court kings but they had hoops bought a handful of packs earlier today. Nothing exciting but fun to open a few packs.
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    Aminu mailday Pt 2 - A mix of everything!

    Another awesome mailday. Keep them coming man!
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    Has anyone used

    Was able to add an incoming package just now
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    Aminu mailday pt 1 - Select, Optic, Prizm..oh my!

    Faaaaaaark that's some goodness. Well done KB
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    Busted a box of reloaded

    Daaaaaamn ..... That Clyde is boobs Congrats
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    Has anyone used

    Thankfully haven't had anything lost recently (touching wood...not MY wood) Got a shipment in on Monday about 2 months worth. Had about 30 cards and 2 pairs of trainers. Cost me about a hundred bucks via DHL. In the however many years I have used them they've lost about 5 cards (ironically never...
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    James Ennis PC website

    So it's been a while since I updated - It's taken a few days but is now 100% up to date.
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    For Sale Collection for sale

    Could you let me know if you have any James Ennis please? Cheers
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    Player Checklists ? Almanac ? Price guide ? Zo checklist (you'll need to log in)
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    Clarence Weatherspoon mailday

    Nice adds there mate 👍🏽
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    1 card kaboom ... Gold

    Sheesh .. that's gorgeous
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    where to from here??

    I think this is bang on. I'm not going to be mad at those who do case breaks etc and bank... that's their good luck I spose but it has made the hobby less fun for us who collect just because. I also miss card shops... Yes I was into the whole scene back in the early/mid 90's. We just swapped...
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