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    WTB Prizm white sparkle /15 Marcus Rashford

    This is a what I am after
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    SOLD/TRADED Deleted

    All good thanks bro, you're the UD guy now!! 😂👍🏽
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    Cancelled No longer for sale

    Cancelled No longer for sale
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    SOLD/TRADED Deleted

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    Let me know your player wants.

    Thanks for checking 🤙🏾
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    Let me know your player wants.

    James Ennis please mate 👍🏾
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    SOLD/TRADED Deleted

    Please Delete
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    MyMallBox....the end of the line

    Yeah man you've been a huge supporter with no issues barring the above for ages. I guess unfortunately you've now had a situation like most of us have had with them. Once all my latest shipments have been processed I'll be sending my stuff home to Oz for the last time with MMB. Will probs go...
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    Throwback Mailday

    The Sky master and the Future Heroes are still as awesome to see now as they were when I was not so old. Thanks for sharing them, miss my Kemp collection all over again 😒
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    Just got my Christmas mailday 😍😍😍

    Man, sorry you chose to buy up those two bums. I hope you don't have too much into them.......said no one ever! Fk that's a killer mailday!! Congrats on some sound investments!
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    Some epic Lillard patches from my maildays over the last month or 2 🔥🔥

    Lovely stuff man... I need to get your contact in China perhaps they have some James Ennis stuff thrown carelessly into a junk drawer somewhere 😂 But seriously, could you please ask them?
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    Mailday update

    That was a slow scroll treat "Ooh that Bron X Kobe is nice" "Man I love those co-signers, haha forgot how sh!t his Damon tattoo was" Scrolls to LeBron auto... "Faaaaaaark that's some fresh hotness" Well done sir
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    MyMallBox....the end of the line

    Yeah so this was exactly my issue. Because I 1. Hoarded stuff for 4-5 months and 2. I put what each card cost when doing the "my incoming packages" thing I went over $1k
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