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    Seeking info on 2019 Magic Round cards

    I went to the Magic Roubd last year with my son and they were giving out packets of footy cards at the stadium. I was clearing out some stuff around the house and found 40 sealed packets in a draw. I have included a couple of photos, but I was wondering before we open a few packs, are all the...
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    For Sale/For Trade PLEASE DELETE

    How much for the Crowden FF red and rainbow?
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    Wanted: Mitch Crowden 2017 Future Force cards

    Hi guys, I’m looking for cards of Dockers draftee Mitch Crowden. Trying to get them together for his sister in law who is my sons teacher. Thanks.
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    The Australian cricket non-official thread!

    Smith needs to be stripped of captaincy and banned by Cricket Australia, be it one tour or 1 year, he needs some time on the sidelines. Warner too. I would like to k ow why, if Smith made the decision to do it, why he didn’t do the act himself, was Bancroft bullied into it or was he an outright...
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    world cup

    It was the Aussie team. Could of got access to the Samoan team but schedule was a bit tight. Perks of the job.
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    world cup

    I was at the game. It was so hot for the boys. Had a great week up here with the team. My boss was the Police liaison officer for the team, so he snuck me and the kids into a closed training session where all the players were great with the kids, shaking hands and signing jerseys for them.
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    Pokémon GO Discussion and picture thread

    Yeah was pretty happy with it. Caught it first ball too. My son got his on the last ball.
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    Pokémon GO Discussion and picture thread

    How’s everyone going with the game. I managed to land a Mewtwo from last week and now all I need besides regionals is the giraffe and unknow. About to hit level 32.
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    Pokémon GO Discussion and picture thread

    hey guys how does the spoofing work? Got a kid laid up in hospital and he's going out of his mind. I figured I'd start him a new account so as Not to jeopardize his level 25 account.
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    Pokémon GO Discussion and picture thread

    I live in Darwin. We get Corsila here but can't get unknown.
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    Darwin NRL cards

    Welcome to the site
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    Woolworths Marvel Heroes Discs

    Hey mate I have an 18. I am chasing 30.
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    NRL Rumour Mill Thread (Spoilers/Game Results)

    Cronk is going to be linked to every team in Sydney. I reckon there is a good chance he may even retire.
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    Pokémon GO Discussion and picture thread

    I'm at 189/196 I need Snorlax, Dragonite and Kubutops from Gen 1 - (Kabuto is my busy need 10 candy to go) I've picked up 2 dragonscales and a kings rock. I've got a 10km egg at 7.2km fingers crossed it's a Snorlax.
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    The Official 2017 ESP/TLA NRL TRADERS thread. (Some new signing images added)

    Who are the images on the puzzle pieces?