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    2020 Dominance - Collingwood Lows

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    AFL Numbered Cards

    Damn just come across this thread! Would have had some nice ones to show before this but not a bad day to drop in.
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    Dominance 2020 (series 2) discussion thread

    I’ve got no idea but could be a Coleman/Rising Star release (Given plenty of Brownlow/Norm in Supremacy 1) Plenty of these awards with high profile players that never had a significant card relating to the award. Then Booklets, Base and Franchise signatures etc could be the same just different...
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    Completed Piemad10 & Toro88

    Piemad10 receives: 2010 premiers card #002 Toro88 receives: $$ via paypal I agree to this deal.
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    1 box of 2020 Dominance

    Very nice mate! what number Pendles?
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    2020 Dominance - Collingwood Lows

    Hey guys, As usual, chasing all Pies lows. Please let me know if you have anything, will buy or trade generously. Regards, Piemad
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    Dominance 2020 (series 2) discussion thread

    Would love a Pendles case signature but interesting if it is given he’s got a captain signature in this release already.
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    Dominance 2020 (series 2) discussion thread

    Any rumours on the case cards this year?
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    Please delete

    Sorry guys this thread is a month old with most cards not available anymore. I’ll be deleting this thread and re advertising what I have left at a later date.
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    Completed Jay Dee and PieMad10

    Agreed thanks mate
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    For Sale/For Trade Prestige sell or swap for Hawks

    Smith, Shiels or O’Meara red for De Goey red?
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    Please delete

    Trading for Collingwood *Dustin Martin Show Stopper 028/40 $Trade for De Goey* Case Card: Shaw Case Card #080 $50 Brownlow Vote Getters: Fyfe #053 $180 Murphy #077 $90 Ross #050 $80 Cunnington #053 $80 SOLD Platinum Brownlow: Adelaide Plat Wild #013 $70 SOLD Suns Plat Wild #056 $60...
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    2 boxes of Footy Stars Prestige

    Good Luck mate! Hopefully some nice eagles for you