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    The Australian cricket non-official thread!

    Phil Jacques Dan Christian Mitchell Johnson Doug Bollinger George Bailey
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    Competition 6 Boxes (and Folders) of TLA 2019 NRL Traders to giveaway to OzCardTrader Members! Enter Now!

    Thanks for the giveaway 322 I love the retirement cards especially the case card
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    Competition Want to win a box of Tap N Play BBL Cricket Cards?

    Thanks Matt for the Comp These are my favourite cards not because of the players but due to how hard it was to finish off the Gold Set These 2 completed it for me My team is the Brisbane Heat not much to say about the guys this year. So ill talk about the girls and how amazing Haidee Birketts...
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    2018/19 Tap n Play Cricket

    Opened 3 boxes so far and ive got 3 full common sets plus spares
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    Completed Peter2300 and Sports Nut

    Sports Nut gets 2017/18 Luke Wright Signature Redemption Peter2300 gets Paypal $'s Agreed
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    2017/18 Tap n Play BBL Luke Wright Signature Redemption card

    Looking to sell Luke Wright Redemption Card for $125 ONO including registered post
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    The Australian cricket non-official thread!

    Yeah the title of that article really made me laugh
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    The Australian cricket non-official thread!

    Chris Gayle is scared to be around women now
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    Does anyone still chase Futera?

    Im also still collecting the Futera sets filling in gaps and getting inserts i never got back then. I said to Greg Chappell the other day i had some old cards for him to sign he said all his cards are old
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    The Australian cricket non-official thread!

    Least Wade is making me laugh he just asked Smith if Tamim talked to him. Smith said no and Wade said youre not a good player then he only talks to good players