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    Usa box breakers

    Does mojobreaks and laytons sports cards still ship international at no extra cost?
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    2021 Football Preorders Thread

    Be boring and buy singles - cheaper and better for the collection
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    Help needed

    Trading Card database should have a search function and you can create a checklist (in accounts) to tick off what you click
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    Completed Ozsportsfan/ wazzaboy

    Cards arrived, thanks again. unsure how I make this completed haha
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    Completed Ozsportsfan/ wazzaboy

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    Completed Ozsportsfan/ wazzaboy

    Ozsportsfan recieves Kurt Warner lot Fourth Quarter Fabrics is from 2002 Upper Deck - Winning Materials is from 2004 Upper Deck SPX - "Hinged" UD Playbooks is from Upper Deck 2002 (A rare pull for that set) wazzaboy receives Agreed $s
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    NFL Authentication in Australia

    JSA or PSA or Beckett (BAS) are the big 3 I would trust. GAI ( or whatever it is was known to have fakes from what I have seen on the blowout forums). Most have a number on the sticker or COA that you can type into the authenticators website and see if it matches the item. I know I have...
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    2 boxes of 2019-20 Prizm

    What color did you end up with from the 3 boxes?
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    Panini Prizm Hobby Box

    Those purple power prizms are awesome in hand. Points are way to common these days
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    Kaboom Cards NFL Singles

    that CMAC is awesome - congats on it. where are you breaking?
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    2 boxes of 2019-20 Prizm

    You looking to move the base murray and jones? Build the sets each year so rookies are a mission to find haha
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    Prizm goodness.

    Nice box. Moore is dope!!
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    Any cheap Panthers auto or GUs?

    PM me what players etc. you are looking for. Might be able to put together something. Too much to sort in an evening lol
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    For Sale PSA/DNA, JSA NFL Lot **Rare**

    That Jerome Brown was an awesome card (assume it got sold)
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