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  • Hi Ozcardtrader,

    Had a mate trying to create an account to start a new soccer collection. He is a bit of a rookie his username is Swordswipe10. He accidentally made more then one account without realising it, would you be able to lit him back in. His email is swordswipe10@gmail.com.

    Great Thanks,

    I would like to do a case share that has already started on a facebook site,that i want to finish it off.
    As on the 8th of August Sonny is doing a card release in my shop in ipswich which he will be advertising this very soon.
    Corey Hamilton
    Dear admin,

    I would like to post up a flyer of someones business. The business is to do with showcases and shop fitouts. Am I allowed to do this, or is this not allowed?

    New to collecting and the site, just thought I say you seem to have a fantastic community going on here.... Great work!!!
    How do I add or paste a THREAD when giving feedback to a buyer or seller?? The message that comes up where I am supposed to put the thread link says following: "There are no valid threads to select. If a thread is required to be selected then you won't be able to submit feedback for this user. Please contact an administrator if you think this is happening in error."
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